Just the facts…



Being what it is these days, life brings many random situations where we dig down deeply to find some meaning.  We quickly put some narrative together in order to find meaning…or the truth.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to separate the stories we tell from the truth and that…can cause pain to others.

Facts are the foundation of a situation.  What often follows are how we interpret a story, moving on to pass judgment, either negative or positive.  Therein lies the problem when there is no separation from the truth of a given matter, just the story we’ve chosen to create, possibly to make some sense of the events in our lives.

Sometimes, we need to pause, stopping to think if the story in our head is true, especially when we spin it around so quickly, we don’t realize it.  In some ways, this is almost selfish because we’re separating the truth from what we choose instead to believe.  Comforting, to us.  Not to others.

Caught in every situation is a story, deep in our minds.  In that, we separate ourselves from others, even when that story is a pleasant one. Or, we have a need to separate ourselves from the emotional journey involved in that story.  We have a need to feed our ego, keep it separate and superior, and, by passing judgment on a situation, or someone, even ourselves, we accomplish that task.  We are, each of us, in this moment and that changes with a different moment.  That’s life, awash in all of its almost daily complications.

If we try to separate those nagging facts from the stories we choose to create, it’s a positive.  Accepting situations and people we can’t change takes the gusto out of the emotions involved in much of what we want to share.  It can be difficult but we need to find the balance.  


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Write…to heal


Properly told, your story, any story, is enough.  There is no need to pretend or attempt to be something you aren’t as that becomes quickly evident to others.

Let’s face it, we easily go into brain overload with the stories we tell everyone in order to preserve the lessons life teaches us and the memories it leaves behind.  What we share taps into something primal and basic without relying on the need to embellish an experience.  Each story we share is enough without unneeded exaggeration beyond using a few different words.  Most stories are enough without that new this or better as we open our hearts to what’s been lost or yet to be found.

If you are struggling with feelings of insecurity of any kind, it may be that you are being influenced by a “story” that you developed in childhood.  This story may have been guiding you, sometimes without your awareness, ever since.  We all begin forming ideas about ourselves, others, and the world from an early age based on a combination of factors such as our circumstances, the age that we experienced significant events, and our level of physiological sensitivity.  Random events and devastating experiences then become part of the journey to where you are going, rather than defining you.

What is important is to tell your story.  The good, bad and indifferent.  Sharing makes us human.  It helps us relate ideas to what we’ve experienced.   What we share can be powerful and bring more impact than just simple facts.  When mixed with an element of sarcastic humor, we paint a personal texture with our words.  Find your voice and, with the story that emerges, share your beginning, middle and end. 

The act of giving your story away is often cathartic…and enough!


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