A sound you hear…

Those moments of silence we often wish for? I have them, although I’m not complaining. Each one is much like a refresher, a welcome pause, from life’s daily ruckus. Finding that necessary mental space as time keeps hurling fast-pitched thoughts at you can be a blessing. Silence is a sound you hear.

For a brief time, I can listen to rain softly falling, almost appreciating the sound as opposed to focusing on how it might impact plans which are on my schedule. Music drifts into my office from the kitchen and the song playing brings back a memory or two. Memories. They have a way of waiting until you stop long enough to let them in the door; that only happens when the sounds of silence take over.

Wrapped in the surrounding quiet, I hear footsteps running up my stairs and I think back to when my grandchildren were little and needed me more than they do now. I miss those precious sounds. I miss those precious “little’s” in my life even more.

Off in the living room, a chiming clock signals the passing, or arrival, of one more hour. This monitor of passing time seems even louder when everything else is so quiet. It makes me wonder just how many more chimes will I hear as time keeps moving along at warp speed?

A beep in the kitchen signals the shutdown of the coffeemaker, reminding me that another cup is called for while I can enjoy it in my silent surroundings. There is just something about doing that, whether early in the morning before the rest of my world awakens or, at any moment, where it’s just me and silence, my old friend.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: Listen to the sounds in your house for 5 or 10 minutes. Write about what you hear.


Later is now…

Along with my first cup of coffee, daily stresses and worries set in; I think about them for a bit, a bit longer, and end up carrying them with me all day long. I do my best to let go of this baggage and focus on things positive, like family; grateful that they are here and reminders that they represent life’s beginnings and love which will never end.

My focus turns to doing whatever I can to help others and reap the heartwarming rewards of seeing their emotions; I remind myself to use the talents I have and not allow others to minimize my capabilities.

In all which surrounds me, memories are tucked away; things forgotten by my family, a few things they no longer need but things I hold on to. Shells gathered at a beach, pictures drawn by my children and grandchildren, a few drops of a perfume once worn by my mother.

So many pleasantries to think about but, for now, the overwhelming fear of the unknown, all that’s so uncertain and so much which needs to be done takes center stage in my mind; it may be too late to be more, to do more, in this lifetime.

I’ll get back to whatever my happy place is, later.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: Write a blog post in exactly 7 lines. Write a blog post that ends with the word: later.


Such a good boy…

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” – Jules Verne

Jingles. He was a foster, given to our daughter in exchange for an armful of wiggly kittens she was caring for, all who had a much better chance of finding their forever homes. His planned stay in her home was to be temporary, until she could network and find him a loving family. Little did she know that he made the decision to stay as all the love he ever dreamed of already surrounded him.

Cats do that, you know? We don’t really choose them, it’s definitely the other way around, given their incredible power of moving into our lives and our hearts. They have an amazing sense of knowing where they belong, where they can find security and comfort. We tend to look at cats through dog-colored glasses, at times seeing them as distant when they don’t run to greet us with wagging tails and sloppy kisses. If we call their name, some rarely come running, choosing instead to just ignore us.

Not Jingles. He always responded, quickly rubbing himself against an available leg, purring like a motorboat. Being around family dogs never presented an issue for him as he would casually give them a nuzzle, never showing any fear, just a bit of cat love.

He went on his way early this morning, quietly drifting off into forever. In a sad way, we’re once again grateful that another of our family pets died peacefully in a place where they were so very much loved.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop… Write a blog post in exactly 14 lines.