Let’s face it, no one likes to admit they were wrong about something. Anything, in fact. Admit it.

It’s difficult having to be the better person and fess-up to your mistakes, however small they might be. Whether mis-judging someone for no good reason, taking a comment totally the wrong way or just thinking that you had some superior advantage over a debatable incident…being wrong is one helluva big pill to swallow.

I’ve been there, done that, too many times to honestly count but I’ve eaten my share of crow, likely well-deserved. The aftermath can leave permanent scars, where family relationships are concerned and where friendships might have been made.

Of course, leaning towards the more lighthearted, even just plain stupid mistakes, some are just too embarrassing to dig up from their deep and shameful graves. However, to keep within the suggested guideline for this post, I will share one. Just one.

Picture this, a city in another county, many years ago. While doing some shopping, I happened to meet someone whose wedding I’d attended a while before. Through the family grapevine, I had been told this new bride was pregnant and when I said hello, I took a look at her rather large tummy and exclaimed “wow, you’re glowing, when’s the baby due?”. The response was not what I expected as she snapped back, “I had the baby three months ago!” Hasty congratulations stumbled from my mouth and our very brief meeting came to an abrupt end. I quickly walked the walk of shame back to my car, looking over my shoulder for any flying objects aimed in my direction.

Okay, I’m sure something like this has happened to someone, somewhere! I can’t be the only one on this planet who’s found themselves in a similar position. Let’s get real here, for any woman who is carrying a child, a few pounds here and there are always met with a bit of approval, after all, they’re eating for two and that weight gain goes along with the nine month production time involved; it’s generally well accepted…until after the baby arrives. Then, the focus turns to the new mom losing that baby weight and getting back to her pre-baby norm. Unfortunately, someone like me comes along with a seemingly hurtful remark made after a totally honest observance! Trust me…it was very honest. Very!

I carry a bit of guilt to this very day for that incident. And a few more which I won’t get into because what was involved I’ve probably forgotten about. Or, the awkward facts are none of anyone’s business.

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Healing Hearts…

News about upsetting incidents just has a way of grabbing and holding onto you. At first you find yourself just wanting to lash out with the hope that your response will validate what others are feeling. That release of deep-seated emotion can be counterproductive and does little for others caught up in the situation.

Still, you want to be heard. Don’t we all?

I’m exercising a great deal of discretion here as the story involved is an open case in a local judicial system. Other than sharing the basic details of the event, I will state, and with no exaggeration added, that this case has piqued the interest and support of so many, from coast-to-coast.

In short, it involves animal cruelty at its worst. At best, the incredible show of caring during the month of February for those involved has taught me a valuable lesson. I’ve witnessed a devastated family pull together and rise to a challenge for justice, along with thousands of complete strangers who have signed a petition and offered prayers through their tears.

This overwhelming demonstration of positivity actually restored my dwindling faith in humanity, given the horrific news that greets us each and every day. Of course, to some, people rallying for a cause like this might seem quite insignificant but, for the people involved, for anyone caught in any type of terrible situation, knowing that people honestly do care makes one hell of a difference.

If the month of February did anything for me (other than celebrating the birthday of one of my daughters) it helped me to bond together with people, stay silent when necessary, put a harness around my anger (which ain’t easy) and pray.

Justice will Prevail, Hearts will Heal.

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As much as I wish I could expand further, I cannot. Not at this point in time. Maybe just a reminder, to be kind, always. To others, especially helpless, defenseless, animals.


Grab that gold ring…

The path less traveled, the road not taken or, take a number and just follow the crowd. We’ve all stood at some crossroad of life, watching it wind and turn before us while we look to make the best decision. Adulthood starts us on our journey as we hope to achieve our goals and dreams, anxious to head into the right direction. Somewhere along the way, mid-life brings a need for change, more fulfillment, while there’s still time to accomplish what we feel has been missed…or overlooked.

There’s no set norm for the direction we choose other than admiring the successes achieved by others and wonder how well we might fit into their situation. Sometimes, we lose sight of making our individual mark in life and pursue only what’s safe, predictable and that which guarantees us some element of financial stability. In effect, we become followers, never looking to step outside our proverbial box, take that chance and explore our options. That fear of the unknown can definitely become paralyzing.

Be that as it may, if there is a chance to grab that gold ring…do it! If the road ahead looks challenging, remember it may very well come to a favorable end. Venture out, explore, avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

Click your heels and just follow that yellow brick road.

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