As the days continue to pass, life here in this country continues to swirl in a downward spiral. Regardless of where anyone stands politically, even the most adversarial opinions seem to be waning, not quite in agreement with the opposing side, but with some type of rigid, yet exhausted, acceptance.

We are all becoming pawns in some asinine “Economic Transition Moment” which is anything but…a moment. The price of said “transition” is pushing our country into a recession and the miscreants behind it all have more concern for the environment than for the human beings caught in their socialist agenda.
Babies have no infant formula with shortages blamed on the closing of the producing facility (yet plenty available at the border for immigrant families). U.S. citizens struggle to put food on the table and gas in their vehicles as prices for both rise daily. Our borders are being infiltrated with some of the worst entities of human nature, a majority smuggling in deadly drugs which are killing young people in our country. Crime is infesting cities and communities yet the lack of support for law enforcement continues. And, the excuses from our government are, well, pathetic. There is no accountability, just rambling rhetoric from a mindless old man who is functioning like a puppet on a string, blaming everything on either Ukraine or the pandemic. He stammers, he sputters and, with each action, brings us closer to war with China, even Russia. His “false evidence” to the countless issues he ignores vainly attempts to make these situations seem real.

But, somehow, our lives will almost instantly become better, as long as we move away from fossil fuel and get our orders in for electric vehicles. We are being held hostage by this sinister plan orchestrated by none other than “The Squad”, none in this clandestine group who truly care if any United States citizen makes it through another day. Their goal is to cripple our country, its resources, and the people caught in their twisted agenda.

Shortly after I wrote this, horrific news of a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas unfolded. As a parent, grandparent and aunt, my heart is broken. Nothing more needs to be or should be said… other than prayers for each child and two teachers senselessly murdered. Nothing. No debate, just tears. That is how the majority of us feel at this moment. Sadly, the President of the United States had a golden opportunity to reach out to heal the broken hearts of our nation but, after just a few pertinent words and a bible passage, he launched into an unforgivable offensive focused on his political agenda. For a few moments, Joe Biden held the ability to bring pure empathy and support. But, in those few moments, he ended up bringing forth more anger and continued divisiveness.

The future, at least for the next two years, is bleak. My fear is how will we all survive the chaos of Biden’s mental deterioration fueled by those in his administration. It’s as if more and more will be taken away from us until we ride out this horrific political storm and hit the polls running in two years!

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Going, going…but wait…

Memories…and letting things go. Both kind of go hand-in-hand.

Think about it.

We have those boxes up in the attic, full of items we once used, might use again, or just refuse to part with because, you know, someone might want them? And there’s the underlying valuation of something vintage which just might come into the “highly collectible” arena so, better hold onto it!

I do have my days of standing back and taking a really hard look at “stuff”, deciding that its time has come to move out of my life and memories. Maybe pass things along to a family member who might enjoy having them or, more likely, curse me out for bestowing my misguided generosity on them.

Mostly, I’ve been putting off dealing with focusing on and categorizing items into things worth keeping or cutting emotional cords with objects whose time, and usefulness, has long passed.

For starters…

Christmas items. For me, the most difficult to let go because…okay, I’m passing on this one. For now.

Baby clothes. Each outfit, tiny pair of baby shoes, receiving blankets, Onesies…all bring back memories of when they were worn and what my children were like at that time. And wishing I could live that experience again. We all wish for “do overs”. Don’t deny it!

Kitchen goods. Oh please…copper molds, utensils, cake pans, Pyrex galore, glassware. Time to pack it up and send it out!

Books, school reports, toys. Difficult issue because most should be passed along but first, I’ll spend hours going over the memories behind each one.

Let’s face it, there is no easy way, no satisfactory solution with letting most things make an exit from our lives. The older we get, the more we grasp the memories represented by our belongings, our collections. And, I’ve written several times before on how I hope my family will hold onto much of what I leave behind.

Or curse my existence into eternity.

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We’re just Mothers…

Hats Off to all mothers…especially those of us who are far from perfect! 

Yes…admit it! 

When we became pregnant, well, not all of us followed the rules during those nine months. Some of us smoked (not me), drank coffee (me) and ate everything which didn’t eat us first. And, when those labor pains started their assault, if there had been a Lamaze book close by, we would have hurled it in our husband’s direction. 

When our baby finally arrived, we were scared and wondered just how in hell we would be able to be a good mother. Trust me, Dr. Spock didn’t help all that much. Neither did the non-stop “advice” from family members which just added to the confusion. Remember when you let your baby cry itself to sleep, and the awful guilt you felt afterwards, especially when a friend criticized you for it? 

Yes, we took shortcuts, often, during the daily battle of getting our kids ready for school. Like believing them when they said they brushed their teeth. And didn’t. Life was just much too hectic to argue as we put them in the car, already running ten minutes late. 

Bedtime. The times it couldn’t come soon enough. Sometimes, you changed the time on the clock, to just speed the process along. 

We ignored the screams from another room while we were on the phone. Admit it, you did! If no one came running towards you, gushing blood or missing a tooth, it was all good. 

And, that Halloween candy that you were going to “check” for safety? You ate it, didn’t you!  

We aren’t perfect, not by a longshot. We’ve lost our patience, yelled and absolutely lost our tempers. And we’ve been ashamed of that.  

How about the teenage years? Times when there were aliens living under your roof and you silently prayed to Scotty to “beam me up”…to anywhere but where you were!  

And the times we’ve let our kids down. Our best intentions fell by the wayside and the memories are permanently stored on our guilt list. We’ve been wrong and learned to be sorry. Hopefully, we’ve learned from our many mistakes. 

If we’ve managed to preserve our sanity and accomplish a great deal, good for us! Frankly, there are no truly perfect mothers. We’re human and destined to screw-up. Each of us mothers in our own special way, not always “by the book” but…it’s done with love, tears and determination.

Hats Off to you, me, and our imperfections! 

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I found it hard to focus on just one day, focusing instead on motherhood itself…from my perspective.