About me….


Hmmm, “About Me”…now that is a tough one.

I always say that I’m nobody special…just meNo delusions of grandeur.  I certainly don’t hide behind a facade of being more than just another ordinary face in the crowd.  Educated in Business Management,  I’m also a licensed Hairstylist; call it my Virgo-thing, wanting to wear as many hats as possible.  Speaking of hats, there are two more; that of a Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  Yes, I’m a lady with a gun who makes every facet of firearm ownership, safety and education a personal quest. 

The creative floodgates opened up when I started this blog.  My resourceful muse took over my keyboard and pushed me out of my desk chair, brusquely reminding me about a book I started writing a few years ago, also the name of this blog, “Another cookie, please!”,  a book of memoirs about my mother’s journey through Alzheimer’s/Dementia and all that was lost along the way.  Especially me.

My one desire is to leave an imprint on this earth during this brief trip around the sun, especially on those closest to my heart, with a blending of humor, sarcasm and justifiable anger at life’s occasional indignities.


And…so it begins.. I hope you tag along for the ride!







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