Stories untold…

“Stories”, a Facebook feature, creates an avenue for sharing. For a limited period of time, people can post whatever they feel important, funny, even ridiculous. It’s kind of a fun app with the ability to get creative with music and graphics in order to make your story stand out a bit more. I like to focus on things a tad thought-provoking, sometimes supportive with a hint of needed valuation for those who take the time to read my offering.

Humor and things more political, well, I save that for Instagram, always with one eye over my shoulder for the IG Police. Call it my dark side, trust me, we all have one and the person in the back of the room exclaiming “not me” can be in the darkest corner of all. It’s human nature, you know? Those things we say behind closed doors that we would never spurt out in public? Certain areas of social media provide that platform for people with the hiding behind a name and professing everything from insults to idiocy. Free speech or just the breakdown of a public facade that would find someone’s mainstream friends and followers…shocked?

Whatever. How many times do we witness a situation, an event, and have to stifle an emotional response out of fear of being castigated by others? Quite possibly, our reaction might be shared by different people, they as well, also hesitant to speak out and vent.

At present, we’re theater-goers, sitting in a vast audience of the constant world drama on the stage that surrounds us, clowns to the left, jokers on the right and feeling absolutely stuck in the middle of almost undefinable chaos. (Had to work in the lyrics of that song, don’t judge me.)

Good, bad or indifferent, this is life at present. We all know where we’ve been and are hard-pressed to figure out what lies ahead, it’s a crapshoot at best. As I frequently say, and much too often, I so weep for the future while desperately grasping a few threads of positivity.

Meanwhile, I’ll venture back into finding some words of deep meaning to share, in an effort to ignore all things negative while convincing myself that there is hope out there. Somewhere.