Behind every image…

Sharing things from the utterly ridiculous (most which are political), to those more insightful, are pretty much the norm on various social media hangouts.

I come bearing guilt for doing all of the above.

Blame it on the pandemic,  on staying at home more in recent weeks than probably ever before in my lifetime.  Trust me on this.  I’ve had ample time to reflect over many years and never, ever, was I a relative home-hostage such as been the case for the past four months.

Well, except for my early days, and years, of life.  I broke free as soon as no one was looking.

The tone of what people share on sites such as Instagram reflect their opinions, a need to vent with some meme, for the most part.  Behind every image is a story which captures shared emotions and connects to others who may be feeling the same way.  Most images imply something or mean something.  Most are ripe to be swiped via a screen shot or a right-click of the mouse.

Guilty, guilty, guilty.  Again.

Hey, I’ve “stolen” some of the best!  You know the ones.  They pop up and you jump to grab them!  After all, the comment is exactly what you were thinking at that moment but, you weren’t clever enough to fabricate your own words and image.

Here are my two, most recent, and I’m behaving nicely here.  No political or other jabs at anyone who really deserves it.  Nothing…inappropriate.  Just a mix of silliness directed at the ongoing Coronavirus debacle and…a memory most can identify with.

And…I commandeered both from Facebook and drove, non-stop, to post on Instagram.






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Pass the tea…

elderly tea

“To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip, and those who edit and read it are old women over their tea.”

Henry David Thoreau


What goes best with a hot cup of tea? A heaping spoonful of gossip, of course.

Gossip is one stage nastier than chatter, one stage seedier than investigation. It’s poised between rumor and the real, between the stab in the back and the handshake, between tastelessness and the libel lawyer’s office.  Dan Rather once remarked that “the news is discovering something someone does not want known.” In recent years, the mainstream media seems to have evolved into various network-based, old woman, tea party gatherings with focus more on gossip than reporting just the facts.

For example, gossip known as leaks which takes over a large stretch of journalism.  I recall Bernie Sanders once commenting that “the media has become gossip, clickbait and punditry.”  I’m not a fan of Bernie but will admit he did have a point.  On any given day, the news media hops into the broadcasting driver’s seat to make us aware of political leaks, a serious form of gossip which seems to be taking over much of journalism.  Respectable journalism has been infected by much of this straight-up, no-apologies public gossip.  Read much from either the New York Times or Washington Post lately?  Seems both have succumbed to reporting items that are a tad more than gossipy in their intent.  Everywhere one looks in show business, politics, even business, gossip creeps more and more into the foreground. Once the freak show in journalism, gossip has now become center ring. 

I’m a realist.  Gossip plays a significant role in the reporting of news.  More with newspapers who have taken a back seat to television and radio, the preferred choice of many when a breaking story takes place.  But…gossip?  Well, both websites and tabloid journalists are terrific sources for sharing all the significant and juicy details surrounding some news tidbit.

Pass the tea, please.


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The Day the Magic Died…

Inspiration plays a large part in much of what I write about.  Opinions and experiences.  The multitude of memories tucked inside each event in my life finds motivation coming from many different directions.  At any given time, my writings may reflect a need to opine, even levy some critique at a person or issue.

This is not one of those times as what I share is, quite simply, a lament, even a humble tribute to someone special.

When your children marry, it can be a blessing to be graced with extended family, traditionally called “the in-laws”, a cold term, at least to me, and one that did not apply in our happy situation.  Our first meeting with our new family, post-engagement of our children, was as if we had been old friends sitting down to dinner and catching up on life.   Within less than ten minutes of getting together to discuss wedding plans, two people, relative strangers who could easily have chosen to keep a comfortable distance, quickly offered to help with the celebratory preparations. That was our beginning with Faye and Leo and has remained that way for the past twenty-five years.

At this moment, we are grieving the loss of a friend, and family, with Leo’s passing a few days ago.  He was so accomplished in all he did but, his greatest achievements (aside from his three children) were the absolute joys of his life… the two Grandsons shared by both our families.


Part of his obituary reads…”An accomplished and highly skilled magician, Leo would constantly entertain family, friends and sometimes strangers with incredible card play, mentalism, and stagecraft.”  Yes, being with Leo was a magical experience and these words underestimate his ability to captivate others with his talents.  He could leave you breathless with his ingenious, slight-of-hand, tricks but always made you smile in the process.  His wisdom, endless stories, jokes, and the love he shared with everyone…these will forever stand as a testament to the wonderful man he was.

Leo passed away on June 25th, 2020.  Memories and the magic he left behind are immortal.  I think he would approve of these ceremonial words from The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

The magic of earth is over and the mystery of another realm awaits Leo and will be revealed.  All that he shared will remain in our memory as commemoration of his life.

No one entering this world can ever escape sadness. Each in turn must bear burdens, both rich and poor, and in turn, bid loved ones farewell. Each one must suffer that sad goodbye when loved ones come to that final moment, that each in turn must face. But for those who make this life a pledge to the human spirit, there comes the assurance of a memory that made life worth living.


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I had nothing to really contribute to this current week’s writing prompts, although I did write this about someone special in the lives of my family.  And then I thought…one prompt focused on the word final.  Well, what I’ve shared are my personal, final, thoughts about an individual so worth remembering.  What better way to honor the memory of someone than to have others, outside of our immediate circle, read about the terrific person he was?   I think Leo would enjoy that, immensely, he loved being the center of everyone’s attention.