The Pillow

Photographs flashed across the screens, one blending into another, moving quickly, telling a story about him while sharing brief glimpses of their life together.

Over the years, his smile hadn’t changed.  The expressions on his face told the story of a strong, yet gentle, man.  Seeing them together told of the great love they had for each other. 

As the long line reached into the room, conversations were silenced by the sound of her tears.  She sat, clutching a pillow which must have still held his scent in its softness, dutifully listening to the words from each person who tried to ease her pain, trying to comprehend this loss she could not understand, even accept. 

Their future, which in so many ways had barely begun, was over.  As their memories danced across the screens, she held his pillow even tighter as if to keep him closer.  And…she cried.


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.


This is my small tribute to a friend who passed away suddenly, a wonderful member of our club.  His loss will be felt greatly by all who knew him but even our grief cannot compare to that of his loving wife.


Brief moments, lifetime memories…

Excitement is starting to build.  At least for me.  Finally.

It’s just four months away.  People are making their plans and many of us are getting to know each other again…some for the first time.  Okay, I’ll admit that I was totally on-the-fence about this gathering at first and blogged about my skepticism this past October.  Going back twenty-five years to our last big reunion event, all I had was my tattered yearbook to look into and pull up familiar faces…and memories.  Now, my high school graduation class mingles on social media to check out the endless before photographs of the way we once were while smiling to see all that we’ve become.

Yes, as I’ve written about before…it’s The Big 50th high school reunion.

And, suddenly, we all have so much to share.  Doors have been opening to new friendships and old ones are warming-up, awaiting the night when we walk in the door and search for a special smile that we remember from years ago.  Sure, we’ve all grown older matured, but the passing of time hasn’t altered what made each of us unique, in our own way.  Facebook has brought many of us together in ways we couldn’t have imagined back in high school days.  Now, we find ourselves liking family photos or status updates, offering prayers and wishes when someone is in pain and sending Candy Crush gifts or, better yet, Words With Friends challenges.


I wasn’t a high school mover and shaker back then.  Mostly, I stayed in the background trying to find a place where I fit in but that provided me with the advantage of observing and getting to know classmates on an entirely different level.   Now, it’s come full circle and here we all are…waiting for Saturday, September 20th, 2014, to say hello again…or, for the very first time.


Life gives us brief moments with another…but sometimes, in those brief moments, we get memories that last a lifetime







Always in sync, she said….

This is a day of mixed emotions…for so many.  A day set aside to honor all moms plus those women who hold special places in the hearts and minds of their families.  Something I wrote a while back touched upon this day that is a difficult time for so many.  Those thoughts still hold very true.  Some are without their mothers for the first time this year, others for much longer.  The pain of their respective losses cuts deeply, regardless of the time involved.


Yesterday, stores bustled with last-minute shoppers who were on a mission to find that perfect card, most beautiful bunch of flowers or garden plant.  As I drove home from work, local restaurants already had filled parking lots from families out to celebrate early, choosing to avoid the dining madness today.


It’s Mother’s Day, once again.  My 44th, in fact and I’m sitting here, reflecting on my years of motherhood.  I doubt if any mom out there has a gift they treasure more than their first, handmade, Mother’s Day card with stick-figures, hearts and X’s and O’s scrawled all over.  Hallmark ain’t got nuttin’ over some construction paper, crayons and artistic love!

I enjoy giving my two daughters something special for this day and, for my miles-away daughter in Florida, ordered what I thought would be a unique floral/fruit arrangement from some internet-based company called Ava’s Flowers.

Big mistake.  Big. Big…quite large, in fact.  Don’t go there.  Ever!

Hey, what can I say.  Like so many others, I simply became caught-up in the Mother’s Day shopping rush.  In short, what I ordered was not what showed up on the doorstep.  Of course, we all know that cyberspace is often a dangerous misleading place;  how can one ever be certain that some impressive photo staring us in the face on the order page is what will be delivered?  Right?  Well, it looked impressive and all the “padded” customer reviews on just raved about this website.


Did I just hear someone say “bullshit”??

Order Placed: 
                                              Order Delivered: 


To add to this drama, my Florida daughter and her family sent ME a floral arrangement, not from this shady Ava’s Flowers operation, but from a local business in Florida.  It was delivered, squeezed into a large box, in a vase, with no water (for obvious shipping reasons) but the flowers weren’t even tubed.  As such, most were wilted if not crushed.  What we had here was a double Mother’s Day Whammy!

Texting back and forth, we both tried to laugh over the floral misfortunes we each experienced and Jen’s closing remark was “we are almost always in sync my dear mother”

Yes, we are.  And the same goes for each of my three children on some level.  A very good thing, indeed. 


It’s what being a mom should be all about.





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