Little thanks…

       Who does not thank for little will not thank for much. ~Estonian Proverb


This is the first year since I’ve been married that I’m not in panic mode on Thanksgiving Eve.  No, it’s not because I’m perfectly organized with all the holiday prep, ready to leap from the starting gate tomorrow morning for a day of cooking.  We’re invited to join extended family for dinner and my house is hauntingly quiet.  A huge turkey won’t be stuffed with apples and fresh herbs before roasting for hours tomorrow, pies aren’t bubbling away in the oven, the wonderful smell of sage isn’t lingering in the air and the dining room table isn’t dressed in its usual festive tablescape. 


I’m not complaining, not at all.  Actually, I am grateful, in many little ways.  Taking a step back from all the turkey day work is giving me the opportunity to sit and think about things.  Not having to focus on making everything perfect is giving me a much needed pause, time to remember what Thanksgiving is about and…what I’m truly thankful for this year.

Months ago, we lost a cousin, a beloved member of our family but her spirit often presents itself in many different ways.   Fond memories often bring smiles and laughter when we recall happy times in years past and we are all thankful she was such a part of our lives. 

Four of them; one stunningly beautiful girl and three incredibly handsome boys.  From the moment they were born, I gave thanks for the privilege of being their grandmother.  I rejoice in their achievements, obsess over little difficulties and make every exhaustive effort to spoil them rotten because…I can!  (I would be remiss if I wasn’t thankful to my daughters and their spouses for making my grandchildren possible.  Also, much appreciation to my patient husband for his part in the creation of the above two daughters…and a son.   I’ll stop here as this sounds like a drawn-out award acceptance speech.  Just sayin’)

Last, but not least…Reconnecting!   That word, in itself, just sings out with thanks!  This year, I had the pleasure of finding family in California and a cousin I didn’t know existed who lives in Washington.  We’ve been busy sharing old photographs, family history and learning so much about each other.   Then, when I didn’t think it could get any better, a 50th high school reunion graced me with the renewal of many friendships and the start of brand new ones.  What’s that, you say…everything old becomes new again?  Definitely.  Nothing compares with the chance for new beginnings!

Next year at this time I’ll hopefully be in the throes of pre-Thanksgiving madness once again and if some writing prompt surfaces along these same lines, I probably won’t have the time to sit and share my thoughts.  For now, it was nice to give little thanks for so very much.




Mama’s Losin’ It


If you really must know…


I will assume that you have some deep-seated desire to learn a bit more about me since you stopped by to read this.  If not…please just pretend, okay?

Aside from what’s stated in the “About Me” section of my blog, and in various posts I’ve shared, there are a few more items that define who I am.  As with most of us, there are more that can fall into the wishful thinking category.  Those unfulfilled dreams. 


What you don’t know about me.

1.     I’m a registered Republican, once a registered Democrat.  Let me emphatically state that the philosophies from both parties make me cringe at times.  Honestly, I do make every attempt to sweep up some crumbs of sensibility from all the ramblings each faction puts on the political table when I vote.  What can I say?  Don’t judge me.

2.    I have ADD.  Grew up in a time where the nuns in parochial school gave children the strap or made them stand in the coat closet if they didn’t pay attention or do their work.  Somehow, I made it this far and managed to channel my disorder into something positive with a degree in Business and a license in Cosmetology, plus a whirlwind of projects that circle over my head, spinning furiously, all at the same time (but never quite get finished).  It works, for the most part.

3.    Do. Not. Laugh.   I am a certified mechanic.  Went to General Motors Training School back when I was racing my hot rod in the 60′s.  The big issue is that I’m quite capable to work on most vehicles from way-back-when but, modern day computerized-everything vehicle technology?  Fuggedaboutit.

4.    Tripe.  I despise it.  No further explanation needed on this one.  Please don’t ask but feel free to read an old post on this subject.

5.     I don’t have many dreams left to dream.  Yes, a line right out of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer cartoon classic, I know.  At this stage of my life, the focus is on survival, of gathering-up the loose ends of my life and possibly, somewhere in between all of this, there might be a few adventures waiting in the wings.  Before I get my wings, hopefully.


Things I know about (to the point of being obnoxious).

1.     Cooking.  Good is as good does and I wear that well.

2.     Photography.  Digital cameras and camera phones can’t hold a candle to work I’ve done with my Nikon F3.  I do miss my Kodachrome.

3.     Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.   This grandma still rocks out to American Girl.  I rock.  Period.

4.     1966 Pontiac GTO’s.  THE hottest muscle car of all times.  At least mine was.

5.     Alzheimer’s disease.   I was a bystander to the brutal rampage of this vicious disease, watching both with anger and sadness as it turned my mother into a stranger.  My experiences fueled my need to write, a book (not yet completed) and the creation of this blog. 


What I know nothing about (and maybe care never to learn).

1.     Where Jimmy Hoffa is

2.     Mountain climbing

3.     Calculus

4.     Hair removal threading

5.     Archaeology


What I really, really believe.

1.     Paying it forward.   I expect nothing in return except the satisfaction from sharing a good thing.

2.     There is a secret, one-sock-eating, compartment in all clothes dryers. 

3.     There is life elsewhere in this universe where strange beings observe us while laughing and shaking their antennae at how we are destroying this planet of ours.

4.     Death.  After life.  That’s it.  Exit stage left.  Bring down the curtain.

5.     Santa Claus.  Yes, I still believe.


Thanks to Mama Kat’s for the prompt-inspiration that helped generate this post.  It was an entertaining and fun writing workout that I sorely needed.  Have to admit that it was difficult to come up with 5 of anything about me.   I learned a few things about myself that I either didn’t know or had forgotten about!


Unimportant things…


I’ve been holding back my thoughts on this for a few days, actually, suppressing any rant that has been bubbling within my being,  anger that hovers on the edge of exploding.  People go through things like this and, for the most part, I’m one of those who often acts before re-acting to any given situation.

This…is not one of those times.

At this point, my disgust with human nature is taking center stage.  It does not just involve a crime that was perpetrated against my family for I’m not quite that self-absorbed albeit damn pissed-off!   It all started last Thursday as a normal day shuffled along at my husband’s business.  Yes, we are a hard-working family, six days each week, and have been since the day we married.  It’s what we do and…we do it well.  The need to survive and spit in the face of this wretched economy well…it is quite an incentive.

A little background here; our business is in Larchmont, New York, an affluent bedroom community where we’ve been located for almost 40 years.  We are one of the few long established businesses who have remained an active part of the retail community in this sleepy little village which rests on the edge of Long Island Sound.  The pride we take in our technical expertise and customer service brings exotic automobiles into our shop for custom accessory installations and we are comfortable in the fact that, in return for our honest business practices, we’ve been blessed with wonderful clientele.

While looking out the showroom window of our store, I noticed someone parked, blocking the driveway to our parking area in their tricked-out Trail Blazer.  Eventually, the individual moved only to park on the other side of the street where they stayed for quite a while.  This activity went on for more than one hour until this man, and his companion, eventually came into our lot and into our shop to inquire about pricing on a vehicle remote start system.

Little did we know at that moment that we were being set-up for a theft that would take place within a few more hours and right now I’m still angry at myself for not acting when I first had that bad feeling, you know, those thoughts that tell you to think the worst of someone? 

At the end of the day, I headed back home; on the way, my husband called to tell me that our ATV, parked next to our garages, was gone.  We had become victims of an orchestrated crime at the hands of the very people who sat and watched our every move and waited until they could pounce.   For anyone else who has dealt with a similar incident, it’s an invasion of your privacy in some ways.  Suddenly, you have to look and think twice about everyone around you.  Suddenly, you just give up trusting…anyone.   It’s one hell of a way to live, let me tell you.

Then, the next day brought news about a crime against a little boy that was so vicious, so heartbreaking that it makes most of our problems seem insignificant.  I’ve taken a better look at the loss of unimportant things but…for now, I remain totally disgusted and angry with the nature of humans.



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