Another, and another…


As COVID-19 continues its rampage across New York State, and everywhere else, a slow resonance is setting-in, maybe even overdue complacency.   The pattern of insanity in recent days with people engaged in hoarding the basic needs of living now is taking on an almost eerie pattern with the realization that we are all caught in the web of this viral assailant and, for now, there is little which any of us can do.  The game plan is well in place.  Wash your hands, keep absolute social distancing in force, self-quarantine, shelter in place…we know the drill.  Those fortunate, can work from home.  Others aren’t as lucky with their employment status coming to an abrupt halt and they now face survival through the next weeks, even months of this damn pandemic.

I’ve joined the ranks of the latter after an executive order was issued by the governor of New York State, closing down all non-essential businesses on March 21, 2020.  In that directive, hair salons, facilities where there is no acceptable safe distance from person-to-person and…I fully understand the importance of abiding by the safety measures that are crucial in working to stop the further spread of this virus.  Aside from what may be deemed “frivolous” in the salon industry, hair color, blow-drys, and other non-essential services that clients can certainly live without for the time being, there are hair replacement services which must be managed or there are serious bacterial complications.  And then, there are cancer patients who may be in need of a cranial prosthesis; the salon I work at is one of very few licensed facilities with the proper credentials to provide support to women dealing with cancer.  We are well-prepared to provide essential services on a one-to-one basis, observing and maintaining strict disinfection procedures while wearing sanitary apparel when in the company of any cancer patient.  Sadly, that door is now closed and there are no options in place for those in need other than to stay at home and weather this nightmare of a viral storm.

The crowds at the supermarkets here in New York have now moved onto our local Home Depot’s and Lowe’s, in a fairly orderly fashion, as shoppers seem focused on doing all that home “stuff” to occupy their time off from their jobs.  Neighbors are helping neighbors, people are keeping in touch through social media, dogs are getting walked, almost to the point of exhaustion, parents are home-schooling with great gusto, knowing that the liquor stores are not being closed down.  And, there are reports of lines going into local gun shops where legal gun owners are stocking-up on ammo, others legally purchasing firearms, all fearing that some won’t have any sense of lawfulness anymore.  Many are concerned that the virus could lead to a breakdown of public order, with looting and robberies as so much of daily life is shutting-down.

Whatever the scenario, here in New York and elsewhere, we will run this Coronavirus gauntlet for however long it holds us hostage and get through it. 

We will survive.


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A summer view…

There is quite a bit of history, here in Putnam County, New York.  Those living down county, closer to Manhattan often call this “upstate” but we are barely at the tip of what is truly…upstate New York and the majestic beauty which lies beyond the Catskill Mountains up to the Adirondacks.  Yet, it is, at times, a lovely country atmosphere, even as development continues to encroach our area, and, for some, not enough growth to impact our rising taxes.

Regardless of any season, the views are often spectacular.  Colors which awaken each Spring.  The Autumn kaleidoscope painted when Fall arrives then,  the gentle coating of the first snowfall as nature takes its winter nap. But, Summer…long, lazy days mixed with sudden downpours and the inevitable heat and humidity.  These few months of lounging through outdoor activities will soon end as we cycle through one more year. 

This marker stands in place to denote the Carver Bridge.  It sits alongside Route 301, at the intersection with Belden Road, just before the causeway that leads over West Branch Reservoir. 


It reads:  Cut stone with wood deck, Timothy Carver, first Supervisor of the Town of Carmel, drowned there in 1824.  The former bridge is now under 50 feet of water, one half mile to the south.


I give due credit to my daughter for capturing this beautiful summer view along the Route 301 Causeway.  I think Timothy Carver would approve.





workshop-button-1 My response to Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt…”Your favorite summer view so far”


A New York Tail…

He’s here!!  Landed on my doorstep just as Hurricane Irene hit the New York area a few days ago.

Who, you ask?

Leo, that’s who!  Leo the Sock Monkey who is traveling across America, here, direct from Dweej in Michigan!  Leo will be my house guest for, well, as long as I decide to keep him or until such time as he misbehaves.  Whichever comes first.

This little Monkey-dude has been doing his fair share of road trips around the U.S. and I’ve been waiting for weeks to welcome him here to Kent Cliffs, New York, in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

As the rains from Irene started pouring down on New York, I came home from work to find a fairly soggy box waiting on our front porch.  Peeking out was one damp little Monkey with a baggie over his head, obviously pissed-off from waiting all day.

I rushed to bring him inside and give him a Banana Hot Toddy.   He was complaining so much that I sent him directly to his room, hoping a little nap would help him calm down.


My home….


Leo just loved the wooden sign over our front door and climbed up to get a better look…..


There will be plenty of work to keep him busy, like the bushes in need of some major Leo Scissorhands and some major yard clean-up of all the fallen branches from our recent storm.  He needs to keep his mind on other things right now.

You see, this poor little guy came to me feeling depressed, something he didn’t share with Dweej while visiting;  I’m sure she would have been very supportive had he reached out.  Seems that, while on his journey across America, during a stay with Shannon in Indiana,  Leo went and got himself…married, to someone named “Baby” who wasn’t quite all she seemed.  The sweet girl he first met turned into someone else entirely!

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things that can either blossom into a wonderful relationship or quickly fade away.  This faded faster than a politician’s promise!  Soon after leaving Indiana, Leo found his new wife monkeying-around and, well, I’d rather not go into great detail but, from all he related, his ex was a bit on the loose side.  If you get my drift. 

He showed me her photo and wiped tears from his eyes as he agonized over the real “Baby”. 

I  promptly called our attorney on Leo’s behalf and had him file for an annulment.  It will be over and done in 30 days.

My hubs and I decided that the best thing to do was to get Leo involved in everything we do; keep him on the move to help get his mind off that little hoochie monkey.  So…he came to work at our business where he quickly learned to become a technician.  In no time, Leo was taking care of customers….

He worked  read some blogs on the computer in my office….



He also helped himself to my iced coffee!

 Learning a new trade in this economy isn’t a bad thing and Leo thinks he might continue as an Automotive Accessory Installer…

He was very proud of his first install on a Jeep of an HID light bar….

Leo managed to take several breaks during the work day….


Our new daughter-in-law, Kristy came by and Leo did some flirting while he sat in her new Fiat…

Later in the week, Leo came to the salon for a quick trim but kept spinning around in the stylist chair as I tried taking his picture…


He is not a good tipper!

Oh…Leo took a big liking to a Log Cabin Dollhouse that I recently finished building…


The little monkey-butt managed to get his big head stuck in the window and I had to pry him out!

After that, he cuddled up with a few dolls in my kitchen who all gave him lots of sympathy while I whipped him up some Banana Lasagna.  Leo loves Italian food but I had to hide the Chianti.  A drunk Monkey trying to sing like Dean Martin ain’t purty.  Just sayin’

Leo had the greatest visit with us and we will all be sorry to see him leave but, he’s a travelin’ little dude with places to go and more people to see.  He will be staying long enough to have some of my birthday cake and we’ll bid him a very fond farewell.

As Leo was packing for the next leg of his journey to visit with one very special lady, Cherie from the fabulous Lots of Jewels, I learned that Cherie’s home suffered devastating  flood damage.   It will be some time before this family recovers and gets back to normal.  Please keep them in your prayers and stop by Cherie’s blog to share some support and love.

In the interim, Debbie, from Northern North America Bears, will be waiting for Leo to arrive at her home.

Thanks so very much to Deb for sharing Leo and giving us all so much fun!   

If you would like to be a foster parent and help Leo see even more of the world, visit lovely Deb at… and let her know. 

You won’t regret it except for the fact that… Leo snores….a lot!