Welcome Home!

Do you enjoy being at home?

I think most of us do, especially if we’re still out there in the workplace.  Or, like me, were.

Pre-shutdown, by the end of each week, Elton John’s “Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting” usually raged through my head as I looked forward to Sunday, and some time off from the weekly madness


This hasn’t been the case in the last few weeks.  Once my gypsy soul became entrapped in the stay-at-home virus guidelines, music has become more of a dirge as I drag myself through one more day and watch news updates on the pandemic.  In between, some needed household tasks fill the daily, empty, time slots but that tends to wear off very quickly.  I mean, how much can one clean a house?  The motivation for my putting on my scullery maid cap usually is dictated by visits from family or friends.  Now…not so much.   So why kill myself?

Okay, okay.  It’s not all THAT bad.  Let me focus on something good.  Actually, more than good.  Amazing, incredible and nothing short of a miracle!

Our dear friend was stricken with COVID-19 at the end of March.  This, after he had remained mostly at home once the outbreak began, with maybe one or two trips to a local market.  Like most of us, he was very much apprehensive but was feeling fine and chose to head up to his upstate week-end home, just to get away for a few days.  Somewhere along the way, the virus took him down and his family took him to the Albany Stratton VA Hospital for treatment.  God was definitely on his side for the 27 days of his hospitalization and 17 days on a ventilator.  A Vietnam Veteran, retired NYFD Lieutenant and a 9/11 Responder, the outstanding treatment he received by the dedicated doctors and nurses at this hospital contributed to his excellent recovery.


When I think back over the last few weeks, being at home allowed me to stay in contact with his family, just about every day.  We talked, texted and prayed.  We knew that he was a fighter and his determination would somehow get him through the ravages of this virus and back to his family and precious grandchildren 

That..it did!  Having finished some rehabilitation, he’s officially heading home…today

The best Mother’s Day gift of all?  An early morning call this past Sunday, from this dear friend, wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day! 

All I can say, and keep saying is…Welcome Home, Michael! 

     And, of course, thank you, God!


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There isn’t much more I can add to my post other than…it doesn’t get much better than this!


Another, and another…


As COVID-19 continues its rampage across New York State, and everywhere else, a slow resonance is setting-in, maybe even overdue complacency.   The pattern of insanity in recent days with people engaged in hoarding the basic needs of living now is taking on an almost eerie pattern with the realization that we are all caught in the web of this viral assailant and, for now, there is little which any of us can do.  The game plan is well in place.  Wash your hands, keep absolute social distancing in force, self-quarantine, shelter in place…we know the drill.  Those fortunate, can work from home.  Others aren’t as lucky with their employment status coming to an abrupt halt and they now face survival through the next weeks, even months of this damn pandemic.

I’ve joined the ranks of the latter after an executive order was issued by the governor of New York State, closing down all non-essential businesses on March 21, 2020.  In that directive, hair salons, facilities where there is no acceptable safe distance from person-to-person and…I fully understand the importance of abiding by the safety measures that are crucial in working to stop the further spread of this virus.  Aside from what may be deemed “frivolous” in the salon industry, hair color, blow-drys, and other non-essential services that clients can certainly live without for the time being, there are hair replacement services which must be managed or there are serious bacterial complications.  And then, there are cancer patients who may be in need of a cranial prosthesis; the salon I work at is one of very few licensed facilities with the proper credentials to provide support to women dealing with cancer.  We are well-prepared to provide essential services on a one-to-one basis, observing and maintaining strict disinfection procedures while wearing sanitary apparel when in the company of any cancer patient.  Sadly, that door is now closed and there are no options in place for those in need other than to stay at home and weather this nightmare of a viral storm.

The crowds at the supermarkets here in New York have now moved onto our local Home Depot’s and Lowe’s, in a fairly orderly fashion, as shoppers seem focused on doing all that home “stuff” to occupy their time off from their jobs.  Neighbors are helping neighbors, people are keeping in touch through social media, dogs are getting walked, almost to the point of exhaustion, parents are home-schooling with great gusto, knowing that the liquor stores are not being closed down.  And, there are reports of lines going into local gun shops where legal gun owners are stocking-up on ammo, others legally purchasing firearms, all fearing that some won’t have any sense of lawfulness anymore.  Many are concerned that the virus could lead to a breakdown of public order, with looting and robberies as so much of daily life is shutting-down.

Whatever the scenario, here in New York and elsewhere, we will run this Coronavirus gauntlet for however long it holds us hostage and get through it. 

We will survive.


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