The dark lies…


Dark lies are often covered by ignorant minds and, in some ways, I might define this as a lack of agency, where people ordinarily make their own choices and act independently. 

A sense of agency is essential for you to feel in control of your life, to believe in your own capacity to influence your thoughts and behavior.  To have faith in your ability to handle situations or a wide range of tasks.  Any structure involved tends to be factors of influence such as social class, gender, religion, ethnicity, customs, etc., that both determine or limit agents and their decisions.

Our world has been living in somewhat of a state of conjecture, for some time now.  And yes, the underlying factor with this situation has been COVID and its overwhelming impact on society.  Endless questions surrounding how, when and if this virus will end along with the vaccines in place that may, or may not, be the solution.  People are either flocking to stand in lines for inoculations or adamantly refusing to receive them.  Opposing sides stare at each other, half behind their masks, the other without, while the darkness of this virus situation continues to be instrumented, more by opinions than pertinent facts, most coming from both our government and medical communities.   


Definitely a lack of agency and a reminder that it’s not fate that dooms men, but instead their own failings.



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Getting “stoned”…


For the record, I am not a person who enjoys dealing with things medical and, no, this post isn’t about illegal drugs. 

Calm yourselves.

I know others who live to schedule doctor visits and then proceed to share every bit of information involved when you make the mistake of asking “what’s new?”   Look, mine is a gentle criticism so please don’t judge.  Certainly, when someone is dealing with a medical issue, by all means, seek help, don’t ignore it.  I…am one of those people who tends to ignore things, always doing a work-around, hoping to avoid any doctor appointments. 

Sometimes…that backfires!

Kidney Stones rumbled their way into my life a few years ago but I’ve been fortunate in never suffering with excruciating pain from the gnarly little buggers.  In my situation, that…has been the major problem as severe kidney infection usually sets in and a Lithotripsy procedure takes place.  Over one year ago, a Urologist advised that I could “easily live with an impacted kidney stone” and I proceeded to do just that.  Until a few weeks ago.  Enter another infection, brief hospitalization and a stone-removal procedure at the capable hands of a new Urologist.  I’ve been fortunate with this practitioner in that he immediately stepped-in and felt that no one could, or should, “easily live” with this, now crucial, situation.

I’m scheduled to share my sarcasm and wit with the OR staff again, next week. 

In the meantime, it’s been a flurry of running here, running there, for pre-op testing, blood work, COVID testing, etc.  My medical dance card is full but, with all of this comes additional suggestions from our regular doctor for getting additional “body work” done. 

Nope.  Ain’t happening!

I will adamantly, intentionally, ignore above suggestions, especially at this stage of my life.  I’m well aware that having more than ample medical coverage is something that the medical field finds…enticing.  Armed with whatever your insurance will cover, they want patients to run a long list of testing for everything from head to toe while suggesting a prescriptive protocol which, all combined, will have both short, and long term, debilitating side-effects.

Chalk it all up to my not wishing to be a lab rat.  No one should be when they reach these damn “golden years” and end up being robbed of whatever precious time they have left.  No one should live in fear because of medical opinions that spin around like a marker on a roulette wheel.  No patient should be left praying that a suggested diagnosis is correct and then have to run a medical gauntlet for second, or third, opinions.

I’m in the driver’s seat of my life and procrastinate, I will!


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