Getting “stoned”…


For the record, I am not a person who enjoys dealing with things medical and, no, this post isn’t about illegal drugs. 

Calm yourselves.

I know others who live to schedule doctor visits and then proceed to share every bit of information involved when you make the mistake of asking “what’s new?”   Look, mine is a gentle criticism so please don’t judge.  Certainly, when someone is dealing with a medical issue, by all means, seek help, don’t ignore it.  I…am one of those people who tends to ignore things, always doing a work-around, hoping to avoid any doctor appointments. 

Sometimes…that backfires!

Kidney Stones rumbled their way into my life a few years ago but I’ve been fortunate in never suffering with excruciating pain from the gnarly little buggers.  In my situation, that…has been the major problem as severe kidney infection usually sets in and a Lithotripsy procedure takes place.  Over one year ago, a Urologist advised that I could “easily live with an impacted kidney stone” and I proceeded to do just that.  Until a few weeks ago.  Enter another infection, brief hospitalization and a stone-removal procedure at the capable hands of a new Urologist.  I’ve been fortunate with this practitioner in that he immediately stepped-in and felt that no one could, or should, “easily live” with this, now crucial, situation.

I’m scheduled to share my sarcasm and wit with the OR staff again, next week. 

In the meantime, it’s been a flurry of running here, running there, for pre-op testing, blood work, COVID testing, etc.  My medical dance card is full but, with all of this comes additional suggestions from our regular doctor for getting additional “body work” done. 

Nope.  Ain’t happening!

I will adamantly, intentionally, ignore above suggestions, especially at this stage of my life.  I’m well aware that having more than ample medical coverage is something that the medical field finds…enticing.  Armed with whatever your insurance will cover, they want patients to run a long list of testing for everything from head to toe while suggesting a prescriptive protocol which, all combined, will have both short, and long term, debilitating side-effects.

Chalk it all up to my not wishing to be a lab rat.  No one should be when they reach these damn “golden years” and end up being robbed of whatever precious time they have left.  No one should live in fear because of medical opinions that spin around like a marker on a roulette wheel.  No patient should be left praying that a suggested diagnosis is correct and then have to run a medical gauntlet for second, or third, opinions.

I’m in the driver’s seat of my life and procrastinate, I will!


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To do…or not


At present, I’m desperately trying to put some thoughts together that will result in a post worth reading.  In the process, what I am really doing is trying to avoid a list of “must do’s” sitting here on my desk.  What’s amazing is that my mind is totally unaware that I’m deliberately avoiding that list.

Well, not completely.  The list is glaring at me like a car’s high beams coming at me in the opposite direction and I choose to mentally label each written item in order of their priority and attempt to move on.  I said…attempt.  Easier said than done.

My guilt sets in to tap me on the shoulder and reminds me of business paperwork, taxes, emails, summer to fall and winter clothes closet swap (that’s a mouthful), yard decorations, planters and the tenting from our Pergola…all waiting for my immediate attention.  And, almost forgot the perennials, some that will need a haircut before they set in for a long winter’s nap.

Oh, I’ll get everything done.  Sooner or later.  At least once I shove all my procrastination aside.  I can run…but I cannot hide.  For now, I’ll just keep writing and face everything later.  Maybe next week.

That works.


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I’d like to think of myself as both, as the title of my post implies.  I said “like”.  That does not make it so but the description of all the elements involved is better than seeing me in action.  There are so many times that I wish I could just sit back and not give a damn about so much in my life but it’s beyond impossible for me to shut down the thinking process which often drives me to distraction.

Oh yes, the best analytical thinkers are also grouped into critical thinkers, one and the same.  Most of us in this group can analyze information, in most cases, whether it’s business-related or in every day relationships.  We observe.  We gather and evaluate evidence on certain matters in an attempt to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.  Analytical thinking begins with objectivity.

But, there is a big downside to being “criticalanalytical”.  The quest to always seek knowledge and never, ever, stop looking for answers.  At times I gather too much information on either technical, or other, matters, realizing after the fact that I spent too much time devouring information I’ll never use later on.  Then, there’s the procrastination factor.  Over analyzing situations and then sitting back and accomplishing little, if anything because I end up identifying with the reasons on both sides of an issue and not focusing on just one.  Yes, yes, enter indecisiveness and the accompanying fear of making that wrong decision.

Let’s mix-in being a creature of habit and not always open to going with some immediate flow of a situation.  Not necessarily a fault for anyone who chooses to shy away from being impulsive, preferring to sit firmly on their personal agenda.  Then, there are times that panic can set in when dealing with certain, not all, people.  I think we’ve all experienced moments where an immediate personality clash sets in and we shy away from an individual.  I call that my own analytic-perception in having an ability to see past some Pollyannaish aura of another person to a bunch of red flags waving madly in their background.  There are times that works in an opposite manner and a completely positive reaction presents itself.  I’m then anxious to learn so much more about this person looking back at me.   One basic part of my personality is that I have no time for fools.  Period.  And that brings up the fact that, at times, I have no filter.  Now and then, I can be inappropriate with my direct responses to others.  That…is just my logic overriding the fact that I probably know a hell of a lot more than you do about the topic you just brought up.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a loner.  Hey, I’m an only child and often say that fact demonstrates one thing which I can do very well…be alone!  I’ll never change that or any of the dynamics which make me…me.  Throw any contradiction my way, along with any amount of pure, unadulterated, bullshit, and I’m gone!  I’m off to my little corner of the universe, with my favorite coffee cup, to my well-organized desk, to spend quality time…analyzing anything and everything. 



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