Not under control…


We’re closing in on almost two years that our world has been held captive by a virus.  With the passing of each month, the rise and fall of the debates involved with controlling it are chaotic.  New infections and re-infections quash any hope of bringing it to an end.  There is a major “Covid-Crossroad” with people choosing to be vaccinated…or not.  Human accountability or reckless endangerment has become the underlying factor, taking on an overwhelming stance, given the personal decisions involved.

Once again, masks are re-appearing as an accessory of choice, even a demand, as we venture out in public.  Virus epidemics, in any size, shape, or form are nothing new to humanity.  We’ve dealt with them…and managed to overcome the gauntlet of infections.  No masks, sanitizers, shutdowns and obsessive fear were involved, common sense controlled each outbreak. 

Somehow, the operative word here is…control.  We are all at the mercy of both a political and medical hierarchy who continue to sidestep the facts surrounding this current virus and its increasing variants but have firmly grasped onto the stifling management of human lives which hang in the balance of this spreading plague.

Yes, I’m angry.  Life’s simple challenges of day-to-day survival have been irreparably impacted.  We take one or two steps forward only to turn around again and lose any progress made.  How many more businesses and livelihoods will suffer as each struggle to survive?  For those of us on the proverbial back nine of life, will this be our exit, stage left…leave in an orderly, normal, fashion, while keeping those masks on?

Sadly, what I envision is a permanency where this, and future, virus attacks are concerned.  We’ve become players in a well-choreographed master plan of control from various sources who may very well have the answers, yet choose to hide them, using same to their advantage, again and again.


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The dark lies…


Dark lies are often covered by ignorant minds and, in some ways, I might define this as a lack of agency, where people ordinarily make their own choices and act independently. 

A sense of agency is essential for you to feel in control of your life, to believe in your own capacity to influence your thoughts and behavior.  To have faith in your ability to handle situations or a wide range of tasks.  Any structure involved tends to be factors of influence such as social class, gender, religion, ethnicity, customs, etc., that both determine or limit agents and their decisions.

Our world has been living in somewhat of a state of conjecture, for some time now.  And yes, the underlying factor with this situation has been COVID and its overwhelming impact on society.  Endless questions surrounding how, when and if this virus will end along with the vaccines in place that may, or may not, be the solution.  People are either flocking to stand in lines for inoculations or adamantly refusing to receive them.  Opposing sides stare at each other, half behind their masks, the other without, while the darkness of this virus situation continues to be instrumented, more by opinions than pertinent facts, most coming from both our government and medical communities.   


Definitely a lack of agency and a reminder that it’s not fate that dooms men, but instead their own failings.



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Cockeyed optimism…


And…here we all are, more than one year after this virus insanity began.  At least most of us, and I’m not waxing sarcastically here.  My heart hurts still for those lost from COVID-19’s rampage, and for their families and friends.

In March of 2020, as the panic set-in, well, make that started sinking-in, people valiantly started adjusting to being at home, wrapping themselves in a cocoon of safety, and living with a fair amount of fear.  There was still so much unknown about this virus last year and, frankly, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still a ludicrous crap shoot with each news release and conflicting opinions shared by the medical field and media.

Looking back over my posts, almost to this same date a year later, I’m once again doing what I did last April, cleaning, re-organizing and purging.  But what’s different this time is that it’s for happier reasons, other than just passing my “virus-avoidance incarceration” time.  Family is coming, and not soon enough!  My Florida family, to be exact.  After not seeing them for two years, I’m pulling out all the stops, still proceeding with recommended caution, and plan to enjoy as much normalcy as possible.

Wow, that’s a loaded word…normalcy.  We have the old normal, temporary normal and, of course, new normal.  That last one sucks lemons, let me tell you.  I can’t wait for one year from today to write about what I was doing this year and how things have changed. 

Will we still be hiding behind masks? 

Was the vaccination process successful in controlling the virus? 

Will we be lining-up for booster shots to reinforce the biological preparations that were unceremoniously jammed into our arms? 

Did Joe Biden stop reading from Etch A Sketch when he gave speeches? 

Did Maxine Waters get shown the door in Congress? 

Oops, sorry, politics just slipped out.  My bad.  I feel that we’re moving past this damn virus blockade, slowly but surely.  Call me a cockeyed optimist. Sure, there will be setbacks ahead but none comparable to what this world suffered in 2020.  I have to believe that.  We all do.


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