Somewhere…in my memories

It’s a little more than two weeks away and, once again, I am digging deeply into the world around me to find some Christmas spirit. Much like snowflakes in bright sunlight, my enthusiasm for the season disappears quickly.  I keep holiday music tuned on every radio within reach, make endless To-Do lists and watch one more day breeze past.

But, I remember…

When there were so many presents under our tree that the huge evergreen was almost dwarfed by the packages festooned with colorful ribbons that spread across our living room.

When the season used to take forever to arrive and seemed to stay around longer.

When people didn’t line up in stores, like mercenaries, the day after Thanksgiving,  intent on inflicting pain and suffering just to purchase gifts.

When I had time to bake dozens of Christmas cookies that hid away on our pantry shelves, only to be found by sensitive little noses and prying fingers.

When everyone wore some type of holiday corsage or festive button on their coat.

When toys were simple and operated by imagination, not batteries or a power cord.

When packages that came in the mail were wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

When Bloomingdale’s was the main attraction where I lived and everyone raced to see their fabulous window display each year.

When outside decorations didn’t have front lawns looking like Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, packed with teetering-tottering airblown holiday figures and mechanical reindeer.  Simple lights and a wreath on the door told passers-by that Christmas lived in that home.

And..I remember how my mother would walk into our home and remark how beautiful everything was, how she enjoyed all the traditional holiday food.  She loved Christmas…back before she started to forget.

All of this is somewhere, in my memories.



For the simple things….

Time has just been running away from me lately and blogging, about anything, has taken a very big hit.

It’s not that thoughts and ideas haven’t been waking me up at night, urging me to write, write, WRITE!!  Putting it all in order to make a worthy blog post has been another thing entirely.

All excuses aside, I’ve been reflecting on the joys of life as we head into the time of year when you stop dead in your frantic tracks and rejoice, giving thanks for the simple things.

Family, friends, health and happiness.

A sturdy roof over your head, a warm fire, food on the table and…a job.

The laughter of children.

Traditions that create fond memories for those we will someday leave behind.

Ahhh, yes, these simple things we should never take for granted!

Thanksgiving Blessings, one and all!