Why, oh why, am I always rushing with my responses to the weekly writing prompts I enjoy?

Why?  Because I need a break from everything life keeps dumping on my plate.

And that brings me right to the perfect prompt…Write about something you need a break from.

Wow!  Just something?  Only one thing?  Where do I start?

The best answer to my own question is boringly and very obviously…at the beginning.  Allow me to start with the everyday warfare that surrounds all the current political theatrics and how the fallout from the constant, mostly derisive, debates we’re witnessing have affected everyone.  No one seems to be able to move the hell past the drama put out by the media without engaging in some type of personal diatribe, either on social media or in everyday conversations.  People stand rigidly behind their opinions and chosen political party but I can’t really fault them for supporting who and what they believe in…it’s their constitutional right, and obligation.  Certainly, I don’t always agree but refuse to demonize anyone, at least in a public platform.  My opinions are most kept to myself but my lip looks like the aftermath of a prize fight because I bite it so much in an attempt to avoid constant arguments.

And, while I’m on my “need a break” soapbox, let me throw out family, work and other matters of my life at present.  Probably as volatile a situation as politics, all combined,  and we can all identify with those nagging thoughts that rattle your brain in the middle of the night, bringing up all of life’s, sometimes unpleasant, scenarios and the questions involved. 

  • Why are friends and family close one moment and in the background of your life the next?  For me personally, the absolute joy and magic of a family reunion a few years ago now seems nothing more than a distant memory. 
  • Why does the necessary evil of having to work become totally consuming yet you have no choice but to keep plugging-along, fearing not being able to work at all? 
  • Why does the enjoyment of participating in an organization slowly suck the life out people when the fundamental goal is to be an instrumental part of productive change and growth and leave positive footprints for those who will follow?  Trust me, I’m a total realist, fully aware that, within every group, personal agendas are tucked-away in individual notebooks.  Hey, that’s part of the game and, in itself, can be instrumental when people work together towards a common goal.  I know, I know…so much easier said..than done!

In short, I need a break from all of the above, but not an escape.  I need answers to those nagging thoughts, even a solution or two.  I need more to compartmentalize each issue and pull up my mental files, one at a time, rather than allowing all of them to hit me at once, like a session in Congress.

And so it goes…


workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Something I need a break from.




Give me a break…

Gimme a break

Write about the word “break”.

Seems easy enough.  I mean, one can break a leg (or some other body part), possibly break an object (just not in anger, please) or, in Judaism, break-fast with the meal eaten after fast days such as Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av.  Or, plain and simple, just take a break, in general.  Kind of a pregnant-pause, so to speak, which should be then followed by something significant.

Well, that’s not so easy.  All of my energies to write and bring forth something earth-shattering or even meaningful, a tad more than one week after Christmas, have long departed the ranch.  And, it’s not just me, folks.  So many people I’ve spoken with are slowly climbing out from under all the holiday madness that seemed to fly by at warp speed.  It’s like the holidays came, went, conquered, and left millions of exhausted survivors to now start undoing every last festive touch that seemed to take us so much time to put in place.

I just feel the need in having to blame something and that lies on the calendar for 2019.  We all know that Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November but, in 2019, with November 1st being on a Friday, that placed the traditional 4th Thursday of the month into the #5 Thursday slot in November.  Got that?

Fair warning…this same date-situation will take place in 2024 when Thanksgiving will fall on November 28th.  Again.  Until that date, we’re good to go and should all be in fine shape to dive, head-first, into the holiday season.

You’re welcome and…Happy New Year!


workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop…What were you blogging about a year ago? What has changed since then?
This post was from a tad more than one year ago; it was focused on the word “break” and I thought it worth sharing again because it kind of fit this current writing prompt.  And it made me laugh, just for a moment, at the “What has changed” part of the prompt. 

One year ago, when I wrote this, I ranted about a hectic holiday season.  Poor me.  One year ago, I don’t think many of us, if any, could have possibly imagined what a horrific year 2020 would turn out to be…and still is in this newborn year of 2021.  So many lives, hopes, wishes and dreams were crushed in the past year but, if anything, most of us have managed to survive. 

At least for now.