Give me a break…

workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop…Write a blog post inspired by the word: break.

Seems easy enough.  I mean, one can break a leg (or some other body part), possibly break an object (just not in anger, please) or, in Judaism, break-fast with the meal eaten after fast days such as Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av.  Or, plain and simple, just take a break, in general.  Kind of a pregnant-pause, so to speak, which should be then followed by something significant.

Well, that’s not so easy.  All of my energies to write and bring forth something earth-shattering or even meaningful, a tad more than one week after Christmas, have long departed the ranch.  And, it’s not just me, folks.  So many people I’ve spoken with are slowly climbing out from under all the holiday madness that seemed to fly by at warp speed.  It’s like the holidays came, went, conquered, and left millions of exhausted survivors to now start undoing every last festive touch that seemed to take us so much time to put in place.

I just feel the need in having to blame something and that lies on the calendar for 2019.  We all know that Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November but, in 2019, with November 1st being on a Friday, that placed the traditional 4th Thursday of the month into the #5 Thursday slot in November.  Got that?

Fair warning…this same date-situation will take place in 2024 when Thanksgiving will fall on November 28th.  Again.  Until that date, we’re good to go and should all be in fine shape to dive, head-first, into the holiday season.

You’re welcome and…Happy New Year!