We’re just Mothers…

Hats Off to all mothers…especially those of us who are far from perfect! 

Yes…admit it! 

When we became pregnant, well, not all of us followed the rules during those nine months. Some of us smoked (not me), drank coffee (me) and ate everything which didn’t eat us first. And, when those labor pains started their assault, if there had been a Lamaze book close by, we would have hurled it in our husband’s direction. 

When our baby finally arrived, we were scared and wondered just how in hell we would be able to be a good mother. Trust me, Dr. Spock didn’t help all that much. Neither did the non-stop “advice” from family members which just added to the confusion. Remember when you let your baby cry itself to sleep, and the awful guilt you felt afterwards, especially when a friend criticized you for it? 

Yes, we took shortcuts, often, during the daily battle of getting our kids ready for school. Like believing them when they said they brushed their teeth. And didn’t. Life was just much too hectic to argue as we put them in the car, already running ten minutes late. 

Bedtime. The times it couldn’t come soon enough. Sometimes, you changed the time on the clock, to just speed the process along. 

We ignored the screams from another room while we were on the phone. Admit it, you did! If no one came running towards you, gushing blood or missing a tooth, it was all good. 

And, that Halloween candy that you were going to “check” for safety? You ate it, didn’t you!  

We aren’t perfect, not by a longshot. We’ve lost our patience, yelled and absolutely lost our tempers. And we’ve been ashamed of that.  

How about the teenage years? Times when there were aliens living under your roof and you silently prayed to Scotty to “beam me up”…to anywhere but where you were!  

And the times we’ve let our kids down. Our best intentions fell by the wayside and the memories are permanently stored on our guilt list. We’ve been wrong and learned to be sorry. Hopefully, we’ve learned from our many mistakes. 

If we’ve managed to preserve our sanity and accomplish a great deal, good for us! Frankly, there are no truly perfect mothers. We’re human and destined to screw-up. Each of us mothers in our own special way, not always “by the book” but…it’s done with love, tears and determination.

Hats Off to you, me, and our imperfections! 

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Write about a memorable Mother’s Day.
I found it hard to focus on just one day, focusing instead on motherhood itself…from my perspective.

Always in sync, she said….

This is a day of mixed emotions…for so many.  A day set aside to honor all moms plus those women who hold special places in the hearts and minds of their families.  Something I wrote a while back touched upon this day that is a difficult time for so many.  Those thoughts still hold very true.  Some are without their mothers for the first time this year, others for much longer.  The pain of their respective losses cuts deeply, regardless of the time involved.


Yesterday, stores bustled with last-minute shoppers who were on a mission to find that perfect card, most beautiful bunch of flowers or garden plant.  As I drove home from work, local restaurants already had filled parking lots from families out to celebrate early, choosing to avoid the dining madness today.


It’s Mother’s Day, once again.  My 44th, in fact and I’m sitting here, reflecting on my years of motherhood.  I doubt if any mom out there has a gift they treasure more than their first, handmade, Mother’s Day card with stick-figures, hearts and X’s and O’s scrawled all over.  Hallmark ain’t got nuttin’ over some construction paper, crayons and artistic love!

I enjoy giving my two daughters something special for this day and, for my miles-away daughter in Florida, ordered what I thought would be a unique floral/fruit arrangement from some internet-based company called Ava’s Flowers.

Big mistake.  Big. Big…quite large, in fact.  Don’t go there.  Ever!

Hey, what can I say.  Like so many others, I simply became caught-up in the Mother’s Day shopping rush.  In short, what I ordered was not what showed up on the doorstep.  Of course, we all know that cyberspace is often a dangerous misleading place;  how can one ever be certain that some impressive photo staring us in the face on the order page is what will be delivered?  Right?  Well, it looked impressive and all the “padded” customer reviews on avasflowers.net just raved about this website.


Did I just hear someone say “bullshit”??

Order Placed: 
                                              Order Delivered: 


To add to this drama, my Florida daughter and her family sent ME a floral arrangement, not from this shady Ava’s Flowers operation, but from a local business in Florida.  It was delivered, squeezed into a large box, in a vase, with no water (for obvious shipping reasons) but the flowers weren’t even tubed.  As such, most were wilted if not crushed.  What we had here was a double Mother’s Day Whammy!

Texting back and forth, we both tried to laugh over the floral misfortunes we each experienced and Jen’s closing remark was “we are almost always in sync my dear mother”

Yes, we are.  And the same goes for each of my three children on some level.  A very good thing, indeed. 


It’s what being a mom should be all about.





An Imperfect Mother


Random thoughts kept popping-up in my head last night as I sat here vainly trying to put together a post for Mother’s Day.  Everything I typed ended up being backspaced off the screen and I continued to stare at a blank page.

Why was it so difficult to lapse into some grand celebration of thoughts that would form meaningful sentences about this special day for all mothers?  Possibly because my late mother was far less than perfect and the memories surrounding her aren’t what I see so many others sharing about their moms.  Well, it is what it is and if it wasn’t, in part, for my mother, I wouldn’t be here writing this.  Because of her, I’m a survivor and developed the determination to live life on a more positive path.

I’m an imperfect mother as well, always wishing I had done many things differently but, my four kids make me absolutely beam with pride.  And, rumor has it that I’m a pretty terrific Gramma.  That, is a very good thing!

Right now, I’m enjoying reading so many wonderful posts from other bloggers about their moms along with special tributes spread all over social media; my heart is heavy for those who have lost that special lady in their lives.  I hope that, when I depart this hectic life, my children remember me with similar fondness and focus on all things positive that I leave behind…especially when they start dividing up my obsessive collection of Snowmen!

Enjoy your mothers, cherish their memories. 

I send heartfelt wishes to every woman who is a mom, waiting to be one or someone who is important in the life of a child.

      Happy Mother’s Day!