Current state of mind…

In following the stay at home/stay safe guidelines, my emotions are much like a runaway train.  Up, down, sideways and, at times, in danger of a complete derailment.  Trying to find things that lighten my spirit as opposed to so much of what pisses me off.  Difficult, to say the very least.

Now and then, a segue happens.  A welcome distraction from this current pandemic-lifestyle. Somewhat of a benefit given by all this time on my hands and the ability to just waste that privilege whenever I damn feel like it!

5 positive (sometimes instant) mood-lifters.

Music Old music.  Doowop.  As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything in this genre, having it deemed “pure crap” by my father.   He never realized that his description made the music even more enticing. Late at night, I’d hide under the covers, armed with my trusty transistor radio, earphone plugged-in, and tune into the one or two New York radio stations that would come in with several wiggles on the dial.  Static or not, the music was great.

The artists could actually sing, and most were damn good at it.  The lyrics always touched a tender spot.  Love, heartbreak, mixed with a dash of hope, all in a two-minute recording.  I’ve been playing several songs, over and over, doing some chair-dancing and loving all the memories of much simpler times.

Purging.  Something that most of us have been doing.  Pretty soon I’ll have an abundance of room for what…I have no idea.  A good feeling, overall.

Talking on the phone. How much nicer to hear someone’s voice and share expressions that don’t take the form of a text, accented with some asinine emoji.  😊

Cooking. Well, honestly, I pride myself on being a cook but…with my pre-unemployment work schedule, dinners previously involved my mad rush in the front door around 6 or 7 p.m.  The Husband would be waiting, noticeably weak from hunger, and I’d hurriedly get his meal prepared.  Now, in the past month, I have time to present gourmet quality dinners, served at the much more reasonable time of 5 p.m.  Great, right?  Well, not so much when he frequently informs me that he’s had a late lunch and really isn’t all that hungry.  Note to self:  Encourage him to have more late lunches when my job resumes.

Sleeping. Mind you, not a lot of it but far beyond what my manic stress level usually allows.  It’s been lights-out by 10 p.m. and I awaken now, usually by 4 or 5 a.m.  That…is pretty much a full night’s sleep for me.  I’ll take it, for as long as this unwanted vacation lasts.


5 instant mood-downers.

Trash. Used gloves and masks thrown down in the parking lot at a market.  Shame on everyone who does this, and you KNOW who you are.  Stop it!

Television. Mainly, the news. Stop the network-to-network sniping and keep your personal opinions out of the mix.  We are embroiled in a national/worldwide crisis and not interested in your personal agendas or your like/dislike of government, or other, officials.  Shut UP!

Pets. Okay, this is promising to become a major issue.  When this pandemic started, the rush was on for people to hit animal shelters and adopt, adopt, adopt.  What’s next?  What happens when everyone emerges from hunkering down or returns to the workplace?  What will happen when the new furry family members no longer receive the undying attention they’ve been used to?  Think about that!

And now that the media is reporting a few cats and dogs who have become infected with COVID-19, might this start a pet-dumping wave of insanity?  Think about that, too!

Toilet Paper, and other necessities. It’s been over one month and what appears in the markets (at least here) are a few rolls of toilet tissue (single ply/no name brand) and a sign…”One to a customer”.  Is society experiencing some major intestinal disorder?  How much toilet paper do people really need?

Frozen food aisles?  No pizza, taquitos, egg rolls, french fries, potato skins…the basic noshes…next to nothing available.  Pasta and rice?  Mostly gone.  Carbohydrate overload anyone?  But there is… ice cream…and lima beans.  Plenty of lima beans folks.  And they’re so much better for you than all the above junk!  Each flat little bean includes manganese, potassium. copper, magnesium, and phosphorus, and iron.  Two words of advice:  Buy Beans!

Line jumpers. Trust me, they’re out there in the supermarkets, cutting in front of shoppers who dutifully wait behind the taped lines at the checkout, markers in place to maintain a six-foot space between customers.  Along comes some wise ass who wheels in between the lines of that aisle.  And then gets yelled at.  Loudly.  And retreats.  He won’t soon forget me.


workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: Write a list of 5 things that put you in an instant better mood.  Write a list of 5 things that put you in an instant bad mood.

Obviously, I combined both writing prompts.  I’m more than certain there will be plenty of opportunities for, sometimes erratic, mood swings before this current pandemic ends.  If it ever ends.  The emotional roller coaster ride will take its toll as we all wait, and wait, to move forward again.  And we will.  With much caution.  We will…get through this!