Our “Breakfast Club”

Years ago, when I started writing and joined the blogging community, the subject matter was so much more…lighthearted. For the most part. When I developed my own website, it wrapped itself around my unfinished book which is a collection of memories of dealing with my later mother’s battle with dementia. 

That…has come full circle. 

Writing, to me, is about growth, about not marginalizing oneself into focusing on a single topic, day in and day out. Let’s face it, we all have opinions and so much more to say…about everything. Blogging provides that platform, almost a stage where we perform through what we write. 

Within the past two, or more years, my overall “tone” has developed an edge of sorts. Chalk it up to the pandemic, just like everyone else does, it seems. And now, with the current world turmoil, and all that goes along with that touchy subject, it’s quite difficult to sit down and put together some rambling words that spout sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. 

But then a good friend tagged me in a Facebook post, and it made me stop and think about good times, and friendships. And breakfasts on Sunday mornings. 

It all started well over one year ago with friends from a club The Husband and I belong to here where we live. Outside of that domain, several of us have gathered for long walks and meet just about every week at a great spot here in Carmel for breakfast. We call ourselves the Breakfast Club (of course) and we have our own spot in the upstairs part of George’s where at least ten or more of us sit in the same seats, week after week. We share and vent about life’s injustices from the days before or those ahead of us. From one end of the huge table to the other, idiotic YouTube videos and Memes are shared while we talk politics on all levels. Of course, there’s a bit of gossip to be had and we laugh like hell, sometimes so loud that our waitress, Karen, shuts the upstairs level door so we don’t disturb others. (Some of us, no names mentioned, can be a tad…loud.)

Positive friendships have blossomed and, in that, a respect for our differences along with support for the personal or family medical issues some have on their plate. And, speaking of plates…each week the breakfast orders range from oatmeal with blueberries, eggs over easy with a side of hash browns, stacks of pancakes, cheese omelets over corned beef hash (with a side of rye toast), waffles smothered with apples and whipped cream and… coffee, lots and lots of coffee.   Did I mention…” please pass the hot sauce”? Yup, that and ketchup. 

Each Sunday morning ends with gentle hugs outside the restaurant and we make our way into one more week. And we smile and wave as each of us drives away, knowing we’ll get to do it all over again in just a few more days. 

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…
Write about what you miss most about your early days of blogging. 

Hello…it’s me!


If there is anything favorable which has emerged with this COVID-19 nightmare, it’s bringing people together but at the required safe-distance.  Behind that is…time… and plenty of it as most people are hunkered-down in some element of self-imposed quarantine.  Suddenly, we have the almost unwanted luxury of little or nothing to do and plenty of time to do it in…perfect for the procrastinators of the world.  Like me. 

Let’s face it, the daily chores aren’t going anywhere and, in a moment fueled by a sudden burst of energy, laced with a sprinkling of focus, we’ll all dive into that pile of “something” we’ve been putting off.  But first, we watch the news for virus updates.  Then, onto Netflix before moving onto social media, just to check up on what everyone else is doing and swipe a damn funny Meme now and then… to share on Instagram.  We (me/I) troll Facebook walls to see how friends are coping and share a kind word when needed or…run like hell when someone is spewing things political from their home cave-dwelling.  Sorry, boys and girls, this is a time for everyone to pull together and beating up our national and local governments over this pandemic is almost self-defeating.   We know where any and all blame lies for the spread of this virus, move past it, get over it, and start being pro-active in flattening the damn curve and bringing the spread to an effing halt!!

Okay.  All of this being said, over and over and over…one nice thing, a positive, at present.  At least for me.  Having the time (yes that time-thing again) to contact friends you don’t normally speak with.  Interaction with most usually involves back and forth texting or other forms of electronic engagement, but…picking up the phone and enjoying a long conversation with a friend from school, or anywhere, can be a treat.  More so than family.  Family k n o w s where you are and just assumes that, if and when they call, you will answer.  They know your routine, you know theirs, and in many ways, there’s little to “chat” about.  Is it boredom with this entire situation…or indifference?  Certainly, there is great underlying anger with having to cope with a situation which has impacted everyone’s lives so greatly.  Much like what we all experienced after 9/11/01.  But, if that unspeakable tragedy taught us one thing…it was to keep our families closer than ever before.  Now especially. 

Until we can safely hug them again.