Healing Hearts…

News about upsetting incidents just has a way of grabbing and holding onto you. At first you find yourself just wanting to lash out with the hope that your response will validate what others are feeling. That release of deep-seated emotion can be counterproductive and does little for others caught up in the situation.

Still, you want to be heard. Don’t we all?

I’m exercising a great deal of discretion here as the story involved is an open case in a local judicial system. Other than sharing the basic details of the event, I will state, and with no exaggeration added, that this case has piqued the interest and support of so many, from coast-to-coast.

In short, it involves animal cruelty at its worst. At best, the incredible show of caring during the month of February for those involved has taught me a valuable lesson. I’ve witnessed a devastated family pull together and rise to a challenge for justice, along with thousands of complete strangers who have signed a petition and offered prayers through their tears.

This overwhelming demonstration of positivity actually restored my dwindling faith in humanity, given the horrific news that greets us each and every day. Of course, to some, people rallying for a cause like this might seem quite insignificant but, for the people involved, for anyone caught in any type of terrible situation, knowing that people honestly do care makes one hell of a difference.

If the month of February did anything for me (other than celebrating the birthday of one of my daughters) it helped me to bond together with people, stay silent when necessary, put a harness around my anger (which ain’t easy) and pray.

Justice will Prevail, Hearts will Heal.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Share something you learned in February.

As much as I wish I could expand further, I cannot. Not at this point in time. Maybe just a reminder, to be kind, always. To others, especially helpless, defenseless, animals.


Tears are a river…


“Tears are a river that takes you somewhere…Tears lift your boat off the rocks, off dry ground, carrying it downriver to someplace better.”  Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Laughing, until your sides hurt, with someone closest to your heart.  Joyful tears that etch happy memories within your being.

Crying, uncontrollably, not able to sleep.  Painful tears that stab at us in the darkness.  Sometimes, for no reason at all, more often, because of so much we want to forget.

Anger that unleashes tears of protest, defiance…or sorrow.  We cry over the injustices in our world, those directed at us and the unspeakable tragedies we cannot control.

This river of life takes each of us on a voyage that twists and bends in so many emotional directions.  As we coast along the way,  the current drives us to the next resting spot where we close our eyes and wait for tears to fall again.  And take us..somewhere.






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