Heart and inspiration…

Inspiration comes in many forms. The effects that art, the written word, nature, music and various people, have in our lives are pretty much endless. For me, those endeavoring to make the world a better place, who deal with life’s battles, are a major source of my admiration. Along with this, the people who strive to get through one more day in their chosen work environment, bringing their creativity and dedication to the work table, are positive influences to everyone. Especially in present times.

This particular writing prompt focuses on “someone”; I choose to acknowledge my two daughters, each in differing professions, both, very successful. Neither maintains a strictly “9 to 5” work schedule, focused always with maintaining productive practices in their chosen employment fields. There is much to be said about that, especially in a world where it is so important to bring positive communication and performance to all aspects of a work environment. Dealing with people, with staff and the often difficult situations which can arise, takes knowledge, patience and kindness. Definitely not an easy task, for anyone, but, from my perspective, both my daughters are my inspirational benchmarks for jobs very well done.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Write about someone who inspires you.