Not under control…


We’re closing in on almost two years that our world has been held captive by a virus.  With the passing of each month, the rise and fall of the debates involved with controlling it are chaotic.  New infections and re-infections quash any hope of bringing it to an end.  There is a major “Covid-Crossroad” with people choosing to be vaccinated…or not.  Human accountability or reckless endangerment has become the underlying factor, taking on an overwhelming stance, given the personal decisions involved.

Once again, masks are re-appearing as an accessory of choice, even a demand, as we venture out in public.  Virus epidemics, in any size, shape, or form are nothing new to humanity.  We’ve dealt with them…and managed to overcome the gauntlet of infections.  No masks, sanitizers, shutdowns and obsessive fear were involved, common sense controlled each outbreak. 

Somehow, the operative word here is…control.  We are all at the mercy of both a political and medical hierarchy who continue to sidestep the facts surrounding this current virus and its increasing variants but have firmly grasped onto the stifling management of human lives which hang in the balance of this spreading plague.

Yes, I’m angry.  Life’s simple challenges of day-to-day survival have been irreparably impacted.  We take one or two steps forward only to turn around again and lose any progress made.  How many more businesses and livelihoods will suffer as each struggle to survive?  For those of us on the proverbial back nine of life, will this be our exit, stage left…leave in an orderly, normal, fashion, while keeping those masks on?

Sadly, what I envision is a permanency where this, and future, virus attacks are concerned.  We’ve become players in a well-choreographed master plan of control from various sources who may very well have the answers, yet choose to hide them, using same to their advantage, again and again.


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