Where we go next…


The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.     John Dalberg-Acton

Often, I will rise to some occasion on current events and opine away, not giving a rat’s ass if anyone agrees, disagrees, or even bothers to read my post.  It’s cathartic, sort of.   My website, my space, my right to spout-out my feelings on a given subject.  Don’t like it?  Just move along!

Obviously, if you’re reading this, you know where I’m headed.  The endless memes fly by on social media and my favorite one involves this past week feeling like an entire year.  In fact, it’s felt like so much more than that, even somewhat surreal, much like a Twilight Zone episode.  In fact, I doubt if even Rod Serling could have made up any of the 2020 Election drama.

Up until a few years ago, make that more like 11, I was a staunch Democrat and, for what I felt were valid reasons, I changed my party affiliation.  Sue me.  Things change and it’s important not to follow any political ideology just because you are categorized on some election board or your family has “always” followed that party.  For me it was that uncomfortable gut feeling resonating from candidates who left more unsaid than what they professed they would do, just to garner votes.  For me…a big red flag in any election, local or national.

But here we all are.  Opposing sides, glaring at each other with one side already guilty of demonstrating months of chaos in our country and now likely guilty of major election fraud.  Why?  Know what the saddest part of this drama is?  There is no clear winner and, frankly, there may not have been a clear candidate choice for either side of the voting public whose votes were orchestrated more by emotion, not by pragmatic decisions.  Now, the twisted dynamics of the management policies which will come into play for our country will undoubtedly bring four years of unrest and turmoil for millions of citizens.  Here, in a year we welcomed months ago with hopeful anticipation, we’ve ended up becoming hostages of a virus pandemic and political unrest.

It is, however, what it is.  I share the following from my Facebook page.  My thoughts, my feelings… will not waver.

The darkness in our days started with the turning back of clocks.  That will change in a few months.

Sadly, the darkness that will overtake our lives for the next four years, will not change.

I weep not for myself, as my time on earth is limited. I weep for the future of my children and my grandchildren.  I weep for the unborn.   I weep for the misguided, the uninformed and those so very blind and unable to see the devastation that a radical, even socialist, agenda will bring to our country.

Certainly, your right to choose was a choice you felt necessary, as was mine, despite who was the proverbial lesser…of two evils.

And so it goes.


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Things have changed…


Throwing my opinions out on the proverbial table has been pretty much the norm, for me.  Until now.

Prior to all this, my pandemically-political, thoughts and ideas shared with others gave way to a few laughs or, of course, some healthy debate.  Not so much anymore.  Things have changed.  Drastically.

Well, of course, I do it here, on my personal “turf” and whoever doesn’t approve can simply move on.  Respect my right to believe as I do and to support what I feel is important.  I’ll do the same for everyone else.  It’s a two-way street.  At least it once was.  Now, there’s a “Stop Sign” waiting every time you venture out to express your thoughts on some sensitive subject.  Or event.

The current national turbulence has changed the dynamics of free-thinking and the right to express same.  Either the PC Police wait in the background with their digital handcuffs or you get slammed from people you know, all waving their criticisms in the air like flyswatters at a picnic.

None of this drama will end easily.  Or soon.  A revolution is unfolding, day by day. Sadly, the social media playgrounds where friends and families once gathered have become cold war zones.  I doubt if there will ever be a common ground of respect for how each of us feels on either a topic or current event.  No matter what people believe, or that which they hold close in their hearts, sharing any in a public environment sets the stage for volatile theatrics from all sides.  Everyone wants change that is fundamental, dramatic and often irreversible.  Change is a form of evolution which involves the ability to be trustworthy, transparent and to think systematically.  Mix up evolution with revolution and anarchy takes center stage.

A desire to make a difference, to create a positive life balance for everyone is a manifestation of our evolution and wanting to create change born from a specific awareness.   In an ideal world, this might seem simple but, as long as the wars over opinions and beliefs become more widespread, we all have become our own worst enemies. 

In this year of 2020 and on this very day, I think we can all identify with the words of Deepak Chopra…” All great changes are preceded by chaos”.  Wishful thinking, at best, as our country is wrapped in a cloak of chaotic uncertainty.


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