To do…or not


At present, I’m desperately trying to put some thoughts together that will result in a post worth reading.  In the process, what I am really doing is trying to avoid a list of “must do’s” sitting here on my desk.  What’s amazing is that my mind is totally unaware that I’m deliberately avoiding that list.

Well, not completely.  The list is glaring at me like a car’s high beams coming at me in the opposite direction and I choose to mentally label each written item in order of their priority and attempt to move on.  I said…attempt.  Easier said than done.

My guilt sets in to tap me on the shoulder and reminds me of business paperwork, taxes, emails, summer to fall and winter clothes closet swap (that’s a mouthful), yard decorations, planters and the tenting from our Pergola…all waiting for my immediate attention.  And, almost forgot the perennials, some that will need a haircut before they set in for a long winter’s nap.

Oh, I’ll get everything done.  Sooner or later.  At least once I shove all my procrastination aside.  I can run…but I cannot hide.  For now, I’ll just keep writing and face everything later.  Maybe next week.

That works.


workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Write about something you try to avoid.