Slowww ride…


For more than a year, life has been moving along at a snail’s pace.  Slow and rather un-easy.

Of course, this is one more COVID-type diatribe, at least from where I’m sitting.   I’ve written at least a dozen (maybe more) virus-related pieces in the last year and it’s been difficult, at times, to not focus on the infectious agent which has been holding the world captive. Let’s face it, no matter how anyone attempts to move beyond the virus-ties-that-bind, we just keep circling around, hoping to see an exit.  Even a rest stop would be a good thing.

But, hope just might be on the horizon as more and more people are being vaccinated.  If everyone continues to behave in accordance to the constantly changing virus guidelines, maybe, just maybe, there will be a final curtain call of this monstrous pandemic. 

What’s key here is to take it slow, stay informed and proactive.  None of the vaccines will bring an immediate immunity but, in typical human style, there are people already flinging their masks into the air after receiving the inoculations, reminiscent of Mary Tyler Moore’s famous hat toss from her television show.  Others are rushing to be with friends in long overdue get-togethers, understandable but foolish as this virus, along with its variants, isn’t quite done with us yet. 

We’re all on this slow ride…together.  I couldn’t resist some music for the trip!


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