As with every year that passes, the seasons move along quickly, orchestrated, it seems, by the retail market.

We just celebrated July 4th.  Families have been heading to a favorite vacation getaway or to someplace new and hopefully exciting.  Summer is in full bloom.  Almost.

Heading into the almost end of July finds everything “Summer” on sale and, of course, all the school supplies are out everywhere.  Yes, I know that this is directed mostly at college students and the parents who will be helping them prepare for the return, or start, of higher learning. 

But really.  We just got to this point of sun, sand and shore.  Warm summer nights.  Lemonade stands. Quick, gushing rainstorms.  Rainbows.  Fireflies.  Popsicles.  Sleeping with a fan in the window, always searching for that cool spot on the bed sheets.  Popsicles.

I know, I know.  I mentioned Popsicles twice.  Made you think back, didn’t it? 

Our old memories are good ones.  Simpler times where we made our own fun.  Fun that wasn’t dictated by electronic gadgets cemented in children’s hands at every opportunity while the beauty and adventure life can offer speeds past. 

Now, August waits outside the summer door.  Kids will be moping, having been away from the classroom too long.  Other kids just want to have more fun and start panicking as one more school year draws near.  Parents silently rejoice.  The retailers will soon be pushing Halloween and Thanksgiving items and, of course, Christmas…which is just 5 months away, in case you were wondering.

My advice?  Stop right this moment!  Cherish every summer moment and remember…you’re never too old for a Popsicle!