Summer Slump

I’m not on vacation, haven’t been and don’t plan on going anywhere.  Work consumes my life, six days a week,  and this isn’t whining on my part  just the realization that, for so many of us struggling to survive in this economy, having any type of work is better than being jobless.

However, I am wallowing in one helluva major Summer Slump, yesireeee!  Just look at me…..

Pretty bad, eh?

Well, this actually isn’t  ME  but it’s how I’m feeling, deep within the recesses of my being,  at present.  It’s been difficult to muster up much in the way of any intelligent, even stupid, blog posts much less keep up with all my favorite blog-people lately.  Part of that is from being less-than-thrilled with WordPress and the complete inability to install any type of Blogroll updater plug-in on my site, similar to what is offered on good ol’ Blogger who… I never thought I’d miss.

Next is the yet unexplained lack of function from Bloglovin’who bit the dust three weeks ago as far as daily e-mail notifications on registered blogs that people follow.    Countless messages to Bloglovin’s hierarchy go un-answered and even posting on their Facebook page brings no response.

Okay, okay, I’m cranky as hell and will proceed in another direction just to let off steam.

Jersey Shore.  Yup, I watched it last evening for no good reason other than being freaking bored out of my mind and…I will never, ever watch it again.

Friends and neighbors, if what is featured on this show represents the future of civilization, we are in very deep shit, either that or the cast of this show sucks on lead paint chips…along with everything else.   Especially “Snooki”, a modern-day version of an X-rated Smurf!

Point:  These mindless, morally-compromised, individuals are in Florence, Italy. 

Point: The Vatican is not located in..Florence, Italy, aside from what their alcohol-saturated, 3 watt bulb mentalities think; that holy place is a city-state within Rome.  But, I didn’t have to tell any of you that, did I?

Before anyone leaves comments  about “this is how young people act”…save your energies!  I’m tuned-in to “smushing”, “cuddling” and acts of meaningless, wanton sex amongst young people but when these kids don’t have basic geographic knowledge of what’s out there in our world and land on a hit television show, it sickens me.  What teachers and schools in New Jersey, or elsewhere,  passed this group of village idiots from grade to grade? (New York shares in the blame since ol’ “Snooki” hails from Monticello as my pal No.7  nicely informed me.  I stand corrected.)

Know what else? 

Nevermind.  Just gonna sit here,  puff on my stogie and think about moving back to Blogger.  I’ve bored you enough.