A haunted timepiece…


Suddenly, it has started to chime.

For years now, the piece has kept perfect time.  Except when the battery needed changing.  But, the chiming, another story.

I found it sitting on a shelf in a vintage shop, around 22 years ago, looking neglected and quite dusty. Still, it had some charm and I had the perfect spot for it in my home.  And the price was perfect.

Once cleaned, the personality of this old timepiece started to emerge.  I waited for each hour to turn and with that the musical sound from inside the clock.  Nothing.  Oddly enough, the clock did chime, not on the hour, and only once or twice in its years in our home.  I passed it off to the crankiness of an old piece, verified by a lot of research on vintage clocks. 

Last week, I heard chimes coming from our living room and thought it was one more random pealing.  Realizing that I had neglected to turn the time ahead for Daylight Savings Time, I did so, and walked away.  From that point on, the clock has been chiming, every hour on the hour.

Some new research was now called for to help determine if this is just a wonky clock…or something more, and what I’ve found has been interesting. 

A simple web search about chiming clocks brought up page after page of somewhat paranormal experiences, most involving the passing of someone in the home where the clock lived.  People have reported owning clocks which had stopped working, suddenly chiming at the time a loved one died.  Or, chiming just before a call comes in when a family member was in some type of accident. 

Okay, I’m a realist.  Kind of.  Clocks do what they want and stop working, no matter who owns them.  And, most repair shops will tell you it’s about cleaning them and how dust and atmospherics affect them.  Yes, yes.  Abnormal, paranormal, or someone looking down from the heavens and saying hello.  That’s what I choose to believe.

It’s 10:00 a.m. at this moment.  And our clock is chiming once again.