Quite enough…



Overwhelmed…exhausted…discouraged and, frankly, I’ve had enough!

Life, in general, just keeps pressing in but, given the current state of world affairs, there are few get-away places.  Sure, there’s local shopping, plenty of binge-watching shows on television and, of course, food.  All harmless, some, well a bit more destructive.

But we all need to take a break for a few minutes, an hour, even for a day.  All mothers with small children know that when they escape into the bathroom for some mommy-time, ignoring the kiddy chaos going on outside the locked door.  At least for five minutes.

And, I think many of us have given thought to just getting in the car and drive somewhere, anywhere, while wondering how far we’d get before anyone noticed we were gone.  Relax!  I said thought.  Nothing more than one of those little escape fantasies that dance in your head.

For the past year, life has dealt a crushing blow on humanity with the onset of COVID.  And that’s been compounded by months of insane, and embarrassing, politics along with the reprehensible, destructive human behaviors across our country.   Most of us held hope that, with the arrival of midnight on December 31, 2020, some, imaginary, switch would go “click” with the start of the new year.  Yeah, right.  It didn’t take long for the social media jokes to start flashing with “I’d like to cancel my trial subscription to 2021” and that is a definite indicator that people already have had enough, just two weeks into this new year.

We all need a break.  A retreat of sorts, from things, twisted political ideologies, those who refuse to see the proverbial forest for the trees and… the damned media.  Ahead lies a huge crossroad, whether to the left, right, or straight down the middle, there is no clear path leading to that elusive best decision, on anything.


So, we exclaim “enough!” and that, in itself, is unlikely to change anything going forward.  If we choose to walk away, we become much like those on the opposing side who hide behind those trees in the forest.  If we move to take a more energetic approach and respond accordingly, we’re deemed radical and problematic.  Achieving any element of human compromise or meeting on some elusive common ground, well, hate to say it but, there is little chance in hell that will happen, at least not in the next four years ahead.  Pigs might start flying and we’ll all win a big prize from Publisher’s Clearing House before any element of true governmental stability and honesty comes forward from most individuals voted into public office, certainly not from those who should have given up the political farm long, long ago.  Nothing much will change, certainly not just go away.  Especially when there is so much we should demand to know.

However, I’ve had quite enough.  As such, I’ll do my best to linger in the background, spouting a few terse, but snarky, comments every now and then.  And I will weep for the future.  You should as well.


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