I’m just me…

Write about something people think you are good at. 

Hmmm. When this writing prompt popped-up, it presented a challenge. 

I mean, one would have to keep some type of a mental, even written, journal focused on what other people think. 

One never really knows.  

Or, maybe, we’re all better off not keeping track of such things. People should value you as you are, that goes for all human interaction. But, yes, the inner satisfaction derived from the appreciation that you did something which was well-received…that’s special.

So, after much soul-searching, I’d guess that my ability to organize gatherings falls into the “good” category. And cooking, I better than hold-my-own in the culinary field. Decorating is another item, my quest to always give my surroundings an artistic tweak is a big one. And then, I stopped. The more thought I put into this “thing” of what makes me, me, danced furiously in my head and it’s an uncomfortable feeling. “Me, me, me”, a tad self-serving, even taking on a bragging tone, full of insecurity and maybe even a lack of self-worth. I hope this is not how others sum me up, from their careful distance.

I feel it’s only fair to represent shortcomings, if any type of list is being kept. My personal self-awareness and responsibility on behaviors that make me the person I am. Overly analytical, headstrong, combative (at times), very argumentative…totally me, and I do it all well. 

Underneath it all, I care. About people, especially those close to me as well as those desperately trying to find their way through whatever crisis life slams them with. And, if I share any of my so called “talents” which others feel I do well, all my personal pluses and minuses contribute to a fair amount of favorable acceptance in the eyes of those who know me. 

That’s my “good” story, and I’m sticking to it! 

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Write about something people think you are good at.