We will meet again…

As a six-year-old at that time, I don’t recall too much of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor’s rise to the throne as Queen of England. That very title conjured up magical thoughts in my young imagination, I mean, what little girl didn’t want to be a princess or queen and rule some mystical kingdom? Thoughts of crowns, precious jewels, magnificent gowns and having people bow in your presence, that was what dreams were made of, without a doubt. 

Years have passed and along with that expanse of time, more of the mystique surrounding the life of royals became more easily understood. At least for me. After all, we are alike in so many ways, at least most of us. Regardless of societal position, where our families are concerned, the similarities are quite the same.

She was about family. Loving, accepting and, at times, overlooking so much of what most families go through. And she did so with much grace and dignity, but I wonder, during those times of family drama, if she ever launched into a “royal meltdown” in private, sheltered from the prying eyes of the outside world. I think that, in some ways, she often turned to her husband with some well-managed frustration over family issues she struggled to mediate or control. 

As news broke of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, the flood of memories and photographs began. Each marked the historical path she walked during her seventy years of service. A true royal, in every sense as well as an incredibly remarkable woman who was cast into the role of Queen at the young age of just 25. She touched so many lives, aside from those standing in the sidelines of royal criticism. Possibly, an element of my British heritage finds me feeling sad over her loss while wondering what direction lies ahead for England under its new king. How many of us could rise to such a challenge as she did, especially given the present-day turmoil affecting this world? 

We shall see. This beloved woman will be a difficult act to follow, she was the queen of many hearts. Now, in some ways, our world has lost its grandmother

God Save the King!

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