Muffled sounds from another room became real once again as I stepped outside of my dreams.  The light of the moon made it seem as if a new day was ready to greet the world.  It was the middle of the night.

And…I listened.

Loud whispers grew into grumbles.  Her once breathy voice became someone else’s as she cursed, threatening some invisible being in her room.  At least it wasn’t me.  Truth was, I had ceased to exist in her mind.  I felt an odd comfort looking in from the window of the person she once was.

It made it easier for me to stop… listening.




Flicker of Inspiration Linkup #43: Listen

We could all do with a little more listening these days, after all.

In the almost six years since my mother’s passing,  sounds in the darkness of night still awaken me.  During those moments I sense that her spirit remains in the guest room down the hall.   I still try not to listen but she’s there, still trying to run after her memories and away from mine.