Blissful ignorance…

Selectively ignoring a situation, or someone, is an art. Simply stated, we certainly should not neglect our responsibilities and ignore the world around us but instead choose to develop the ability to differentiate between what is deserving of our attention and what is not. It’s definitely all about how we maintain our focus with an almost blissful ignorance and override things which are irrelevant or wrapped in negativity.

Once mastered, the ability to ignore definitely helps our mental state as it reduces one hell of a lot of stress by losing the burden of information overload, especially in the form of messages or news alerts. In short, it helps regain an element of control, a daunting task at times. Amazingly, pushing an”ignore” button opens space for new ideas to grow, helps our concentration and nurtures creativity.

By ignoring, we set boundaries and live more in the moment, learning to say “no” by recognizing that our time and attention are valuable resources. We can show genuine interest in others by being an active listener while never missing an opportunity to grasp every moment of silence, of solitude, and recharge for ourselves, remembering to keep one finger on that “ignore” button.

From the Writer’s Workshop…Write a post based on the word: ignore; Write a post in exactly 8 sentences. I chose to combine both.