Pass the tea…

elderly tea

“To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip, and those who edit and read it are old women over their tea.”

Henry David Thoreau


What goes best with a hot cup of tea? A heaping spoonful of gossip, of course.

Gossip is one stage nastier than chatter, one stage seedier than investigation. It’s poised between rumor and the real, between the stab in the back and the handshake, between tastelessness and the libel lawyer’s office.  Dan Rather once remarked that “the news is discovering something someone does not want known.” In recent years, the mainstream media seems to have evolved into various network-based, old woman, tea party gatherings with focus more on gossip than reporting just the facts.

For example, gossip known as leaks which takes over a large stretch of journalism.  I recall Bernie Sanders once commenting that “the media has become gossip, clickbait and punditry.”  I’m not a fan of Bernie but will admit he did have a point.  On any given day, the news media hops into the broadcasting driver’s seat to make us aware of political leaks, a serious form of gossip which seems to be taking over much of journalism.  Respectable journalism has been infected by much of this straight-up, no-apologies public gossip.  Read much from either the New York Times or Washington Post lately?  Seems both have succumbed to reporting items that are a tad more than gossipy in their intent.  Everywhere one looks in show business, politics, even business, gossip creeps more and more into the foreground. Once the freak show in journalism, gossip has now become center ring. 

I’m a realist.  Gossip plays a significant role in the reporting of news.  More with newspapers who have taken a back seat to television and radio, the preferred choice of many when a breaking story takes place.  But…gossip?  Well, both websites and tabloid journalists are terrific sources for sharing all the significant and juicy details surrounding some news tidbit.

Pass the tea, please.


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And the gloves come off!

Everyone who knows me will fully understand how I can’t let this go; it’s just not my nature.  At present, I’m blessed with 121 Followers and, once this post hits the web,  if I’m left with only 2, so be it.  It will only prove my point about people not wanting to face the truth about their shortcomings and each will continue to live with their heads up their rear ends. 

Enjoy and prosper in your ignorance!

Somewhere, almost everywhere, villages are missing their idiots.  Most of these wayward morons make their way to decent communities where, sadly, they procreate and further their idiocy.

School is back in session and with it, the juvenile politics that affect so many children.  It never changes.  I lived through it growing up when I attended a parochial school that was in a predominantly Irish parish.  I was…Italian/English and a scant amount of Irish, a “mutt”, a minority in the eyes of the other kids as well as  the Ursuline nuns who were our teachers.  Worse yet, my father was a non-Catholic.  Each and every day, I stood, humiliated, while the daily prayers always included a special request to God for “the conversion of Patricia’s father”.

Dudes!  Hello?  He didn’t want to become a Catholic!

That was another thing.  Patricia is not my legal given name.  It’s Patty Ann but, the holy women felt it had Pagan overtones so they insisted on calling me Patricia and forced me to write that name on all my papers.  However, we had a “Bunny” in our class with some special Papal dispensation that allowed her to be addressed as such because she and her parents were pure-bred, with papers, and big contributors to the school.

Where am I going with this?

Right here > to this rant about….Passive Bullying, a term that I’ve coined and, if anyone uses it, you damn well better get my permission first! 

PB is torment that takes on a more distant approach but is still devastating to the person tagged for the abuse.   It’s a behind-the-back gossiping, hair-tossing, eye-rolling assortment of malicious behaviors that are part of adolescent physcological warfare directed at some unfortunate young person.   And…when such acts of malevolency involve any innocent child, my gloves come off faster than a dress on prom night.

Is there any parent reading this who cannot identify with the horrors of middle school?   Sure, the nastiness presents itself as early as pre-school and into the elementary school platform;  our children have all experienced the wrath of the poorly-raised child who lashes out at others.  Mind you, I’m not including any child with a mental or physical disorder who may unwittingly exhibit difficult behaviors and has parents who diligently involve themselves with that child’s coping skills on a daily basis.

What I do constantly question are the parental units who fail at their jobs, especially in their evident inability to raise children with tolerance and kindness to others.  It all starts in the home and that is where all the blame for the evolution of a bully takes place. 

Yes, mom and dad…it starts with YOU!

Don’t feed me any bullshit about these tween years and all that goes along with the insanity being just a rite of passage.  That is nothing more than a lame excuse for parental laziness in not laying down the laws of decency to their spawn. 

  • When any parent refuses to meet a situation involving their child at least half-way with personal relationships as well as school performance in academics…they fail, the kids fail!
  • When a parent neglects to admit that their child behaves in ways that are hurtful to others, instead passing it off to “kids will be kids” crap…they continue to help the monster-mentality to flourish and, again…they fail, the kids fail!

Okay, Patty, time to cut to the chase about the basis of this rant.

Kid’s birthday parties…not always a happy event because of….parents!

Point:  One of my grandsons recently invited a group of friends to his party.  Out of ten invitations sent maybe three parents responded.  Three!!   Try and explain that ignorance to a little boy who was so looking forward to a day at the beach and a fun picnic with his school friends.  These dumb-assed parents just had to call or even e-mail with a simple “yes” or “no”…most did nothing.  

Know what?  You all suck!

Point:  More recently, another grandchild was excluded from being invited to a party of a close friend.  Others who were invited were cautioned…”not to tell.”  Stupid, stupid parents!  You all fail to realize that the very moment you tell a child not to do something, they will turn around and do the opposite.  Especially the little “cattylysts” in the group; the two-faced gossip-mongers who, even at young ages, take great delight in taunting other children any way they can.

“Cattylysts” is another of my coined words…ask before you borrow.

The mother responsible for this drama, of course, gave a predictable, pathetic, excuse about other kids also not being invited and that the parents of the kids who were included had no idea of who was…or wasn’t.  Really? 

It was a parent who passed the “no tell” warning along…to me!  Consider yourself snagged!

In the end, the above guilty mother feels that kids need to work on their own friendships, parents shouldn’t intervene.  Again, really?  Got news for you, tootsie…you are solely responsible for the quality of kid that you’re raising and the kind of relationships they involve themselves with.  A child that is being brought up to treat others decently does not perpetuate lies and gossip, causing Passive Bullying to spread like a disease.  A parent who doesn’t step in and monitor the friendships of their children is in for many unhappy surprises in the future as their kids will never grow to be truly productive human beings.  Sending children out into this twisted world with all this moral turpitude but without a structured sense of values speaks volumes about the overwhelming lack of parental responsibility in present times.

By all means, question the hatred in this world and wonder why people act as they do towards others.  

Then, go look in the mirror for your answers. 



Line of conversation

Short, sweet and a little in-between; a few conversations overheard while waiting in an endless line at the post office….

#1 – Bedraggled-looking woman in need of a good hair washing…
“I’m so tired of being sick and having kids home because of snow; all they keep asking me is …what are we doing today, Mommy?…..this week they’re gonna watch me lie on the couch and throw up!”

I silently wept for her children…

#2 – Less unkempt-looking woman, very much in need of an eyebrow and lip waxing….
“I’m amazed at how fast my husband beats it out the f*&king; door when these damn kids are home from school.  I swear I’m making a voodoo doll of the sunuvabitch and will stick pins up his ass.”

Obviously, these women knew each other and I could understand why that husband took off from home like a bat out of hell…..

#1 – Bedraggled-woman again…
“These kids shoulda never been off last week; dumbass schools could have just had a two hour delay.”

#2 – Less unkempt-woman again (goes off in another topic direction)…
“Did you hear Brenda’s babysitter got knocked-up?”

#1 – Bedraggled….

I perked up; at this point, the conversation was getting very interesting until…

#3 – Large woman wearing purple coat, red leggings, dark brown UGGS that need condemning, stuffs some type of food item in mouth while talking and just butts in..
“Kim, going to Zumba later?”

It was difficult to stifle my evil side, screaming out from within, that only a miracle, not Zumba, could help….

In the meantime, the man in front of me persistently struggles with an even more persistent wedgie while he complains to the man in front of him that “they need to close this f*&kin;’ post office or at least tell these women working here to stop yakking and move faster!”

My observation is that people waiting in line, at least here in Dogpatch, drop the F-bomb a lot…


Then…woman with dreadlocks, standing two spots in front of of Wedgie-man, looks back and asks if her place in line could be held.  Wedgie-man kindly acquiesces to her request while giving his jeans one more yank in all the wrong places.

The three women behind me proceed to drop F-bombs as Dreadlock-lady runs past them, out to her car, muttering nasty comments too low for my delicate ears to hear.  My evil side kicks in again wanting to ask  these women if they eat with those mouths.  Obviously, one does as she’s still sucking down the now indistinguishable food item clutched in her hand. 

 Suddenly, out of nowhere, the postal gods send another clerk to the counter and the line moves rapidly.  Dreadlock-lady fails to return promptly so everyone moves forward as if she never existed and does their postal-business.  I finally make my exit.             

Elapsed waiting time: 32 minutes/18 seconds. 


On my way by the three sources of interesting conversation, I notice that woman #3 had dropped the wrapper from her eating binge onto the post office floor. 


I asked myself….why do I live here?

Today, the US Postal Service announced that it’s planning on closing at least 2000 thousand post offices as well as reviewing the possible shut-down of another 16,000 nationwide.


Wedgie-man should be happy.


Flicker of Inspiration Prompt #54: Gone Fishin’

The theme this week is “Gone Fishin’” – write a story with an absent-minded character. The name doesn’t exactly fit, but that’s always what’s written on the sign hanging in the empty brain area in cartoon characters’ heads, often following a scene where the “mental bureaucracy” closes up for the day and all the parts of the brain put on their hats and go home.
So that’s your prompt: write a story with a character whose brain-office isn’t fully staffed, so to speak. No lights on in the attic. Twenty-six cards short of a full deck, a few ticks slower than a minute, you get the idea. They don’t have to be outright stupid, just a bit absent-minded, but your character is your business.
Since I’m presently lacking the brain-matter to create a decent response to this prompt, I dug into my archives and decided to share an older post.  Think about the conversations overheard while we stand on line.  Some are downright outrageous with comments from people containing a 1 watt bulb level of mental capacity.
Here, for your reading pleasure is a mix of abject absent-mindedness, brain-matter leakage and downright ignorance,  from a cast of cartoon characters, gathered around the same fishin’ hole, my local post office.