At times, a necessary evil.

Necessary with respect that both the filing and subsequent payment of local, state and government taxes is mandatory.  Especially the government.  Never, ever, eff with the IRS.  And, here in New York, the DOS is renowned for processing errors which often end up in a battle of wits vs. a computer glitch from the state financial offices.  No matter how perfectly taxpayers cross their t’s and dot their i’s…inevitably, the transmission of tax paperwork will be confirmed on the taxpayer’s end…but not on the state’s rear end.

Yes, a healthy, sarcastic attitude is a must when dealing with the bureaucracy in New York.

So, in short, this is what I’ve been working on this week, last week, and will be, for a few weeks to come.  Personal returns, corporate returns, bottle returns.

Oh wait.  That last one is a story for another day.  Once taxes are done.


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