Grab that gold ring…

The path less traveled, the road not taken or, take a number and just follow the crowd. We’ve all stood at some crossroad of life, watching it wind and turn before us while we look to make the best decision. Adulthood starts us on our journey as we hope to achieve our goals and dreams, anxious to head into the right direction. Somewhere along the way, mid-life brings a need for change, more fulfillment, while there’s still time to accomplish what we feel has been missed…or overlooked.

There’s no set norm for the direction we choose other than admiring the successes achieved by others and wonder how well we might fit into their situation. Sometimes, we lose sight of making our individual mark in life and pursue only what’s safe, predictable and that which guarantees us some element of financial stability. In effect, we become followers, never looking to step outside our proverbial box, take that chance and explore our options. That fear of the unknown can definitely become paralyzing.

Be that as it may, if there is a chance to grab that gold ring…do it! If the road ahead looks challenging, remember it may very well come to a favorable end. Venture out, explore, avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

Click your heels and just follow that yellow brick road.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Write a blog post inspired by the word: follow