Fake realities…

Ideas for sharing words and snarky thoughts reside both in my head and on scribbled notes scattered on my desk. Such is the life of someone who writes. Or, possibly it’s just me. When the process is organized, it absolutely flows. When it isn’t, I’m back to being in school, doing a book report late on a Sunday night.

The writer’s group I belong to puts up prompts every week; some just reach out and grab my fingers as I type like a crazy woman. Often, it’s difficult to respond to just one so I do a blending of two, as I share in this round of literary madness.

I gave a great deal of thought to things, issues, that make me personally sick combined with all which is fake. Think about it, they can at times almost go hand-in-hand, yes? I think so, especially where news items and all which surrounds politics goes. I know, I know, here she goes again on another politically-based rant. Don’t like it? Move along, move along.

Still here? Well, I’ll do a brief fulmination on Covid vaccines which are making people sick. Myself in that group after having just one shot…and done! And, I’ll combine this with all of the fake news surrounding the virus and the treatment mandated by a shitload of incompetent government officials.

A friend posted on social media recently on a news release from the Florida Surgeon General which warned young men taking the mRNA Covid vaccine, due to a study showing the high risk of cardiac-related deaths. I responded to that post about how our government seized the opportunity with the vaccination process when COVID reared its ugly head and people panicked. EVERY medication has side effects which are clearly stated, both on the prescriptive enclosure and by doctors. But…the COVID vax’s and boosters…no one did an honest study on their long-term convolutions? No verifiable testing? The focus was on a major push for people to get innoculated, come hell or high water…just line-up, like a herd of cattle, get jabbed and prepare to suffer any future consequences that might, and likely will, emerge!

We’ve been held hostage
by the diabolical actions of a foreign entity and the complete incompetence of our current administration. We hid in fear, altered our lives, lost businesses and became lab rats for vaccines now demonstrating debilitating side-effects and probable genetic disorders in the future. All of this while the fake news continues to do what it does best, ignore the realities of the vaccine aftermath while urging citizens to continue on an unknown path of questionable medical treatment.

For someone like me, as well as others in my age group, the long-range side-effects really won’t matter. Most of us have been exposed, and dealt with Covid or one of its offspring. Most of us have fared reasonably well but there is that finite door of time in front of us. Not so for those we leave behind, our children and grandchildren. All of the questionable, fake, reactiveness to a virus which could have been managed so much better, on every state and governmental level, paves the way for a terribly uncertain future for billions of individuals.

And these very facts, and thoughts, makes me sick!

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Tell us about something that makes you sick/Write a blog post inspired by the word: fake