Endless sleep…

Writing, anything, often sends me in different directions, especially when my focus is distracted.  In some ways, that tells me that I wasn’t all that invested in the subject matter in front of me at that moment.  Moment…became the operative word surrounding a tragedy and the loss of adventurers, likely at 7:08 this morning, somewhere near Newfoundland.

Part of me understands the need to find out more about historical events, that’s why there are museums, libraries and other sites in place for our explorations.  My family and I stood on hallowed ground at the 9/11 Memorial site here in New York, finding ourselves wrapped in the eerie moments of silence, still unable to move past the horrors of that heartbreaking day. How much different was our experience from this Titan voyage? We witnessed the smoke from the collapse of the World Trade Center, we had friends and family caught in the terror of that day, we joined millions of others in prayers and tears.

What I disagree with is this business-oriented, human invasion, of the resting place of over 1500 souls via submersible tours, available to those willing to pay a hefty price for their voyeurism. So much has already been recorded and salvaged from the Titanic and the ability to peer through photographs and documents is readily available.  The need to trespass into this particular graveyard, to me, is a lack of respect for those who perished in the freezing waters of the Atlantic.

Sadly, five people have now become another page in Titanic’s history.  I hope they offered a prayer for all who perished in 1912…just as we do now, for them, at this moment, as they drift off in their endless sleep.

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