High flying…

“From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King!” This opening sound from my favorite television program aired each Sunday evening, so many moons ago. It was all about adventure and the setting for this popular children’s program was situated in the fictitious town of Grover, Arizona, with Schuyler “Sky” King, his niece Penny and her brother, Clipper. Sky King operated from his Flying Crown Ranch and both he and Penny were constantly involved in one adventure after another. Somewhere along the line, Clipper moved on to the United States Air Force, leaving Sky King and Penny to cope with the criminal element, spies and lost hikers in the “Songbird”, King’s twin-engined Cessna aircraft.

For the almost eight years this show ran, I so wanted to be just like Penny who would often fall into the hands of various bank robbers, a few spies and other questionable individuals. Many of the story lines for those growing up in the 50’s and 60’s found cast members in some type of near-death situation but rescue always came along, with just a few seconds to spare; this was always the storyline on “Sky King”.

Looking back, I find it interesting as to how these villains were usually depicted as reasonably intelligent and believable especially since their motivations instrumenting bad behavior carried a bit of logic as opposed to random evil, common in many action dramas of that time.

My weekly ritual of becoming “Penny” would surface every Sunday evening where I’d imagine myself living on the mystical Flying Crown Ranch, high-flying on the Songbird, guided by its twin engines mounted on wings and helping with all types of rescues and captures of criminals. For me, it was an escape of sorts, a respite, where I could be anyone else but me, for twenty-five minutes.

From the Writer’s Workshop: What TV character did you want to be as a kid? Why?


My fickle friend, the summer wind…

It felt like a needle had pierced her foot. Cursing, she reached down to pluck a tiny seashell from between her toes. Fitting end to summer, she thought.

The soft breeze sweeping in from the ocean did little to soothe her attitude. She hated good-byes, not that there had been any ceremonious parting of the ways when he left. Not a note, text message, anything. Still, she hoped for one last word. Down deep inside, she knew any explanation would just be some manufactured attempt at the truth. More like an excuse.

Passing the lighthouse where they met, she scolded herself for not realizing that he was a player from the moment their paths first crossed. He was a smooth talker, knew all the right lines and how to cleverly push the right buttons on her emotions. Over the last few weeks she fell for his act, every step of the way.

She hit the music icon on her phone and broke into a run on the beach, sometimes stumbling in the sand. Her moves seemed almost desperate, as if she was trying to leave every painful memory of him behind. The warm wind gently touched her cheeks as she ran and, for a brief moment, her heart hurt less, until she heard Frank Sinatra’s voice in her earbuds. One line, my fickle friend, the summer wind, brought it all back like waves crashing on the sandy shore as the song came to an end.

From the Writer’s Workshop… Take a line from a song you like and use it as the title for your post, then let your ideas flow.

Not just a June thing…

As Pride Month is both acknowledged and celebrated, my mindset is focused on the strength involved in the many different areas of life and why we pause for one month to wave flags of recognition. The quality someone possesses which helps them to overcome adversity may be physical, it might be mental. Many personal situations call for different forms of strength and deserve more than a calendar representation.

My feeling is that designating a month-long observance is extreme, such recognition should be an everyday occurrence in accepting individual capacities for particular ways of thinking, feeling and believing. At month’s end, people tend to move on until the next yearly observance rolls around and brings a repeat of retail marketing and other factions focused more on financial gain than the personal battles of so many individuals. We see this with so many observances for our veterans, historical and other events. Whether it is one day set aside for remembrance or one month, people move on and too easily forget.

What is overlooked are the character strengths involved with the word “pride”, wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. As far as I’m concerned, these six virtues of positive psychology are benchmarks for anyone embracing life patterns that give them a voice and productive goals as human beings. Daily encouragement of children to become aware of their strengths allows them to develop more self-confidence, self-awareness, and a deeper appreciation and value for how each of us is different.

There is such a positive impact with encouraging individuals to explore and understand their individual character strengths. We all need to be supportive, not just for a moment, one day, or a given month, rather each and every day. Simply helping others to develop true pride by encouraging their creativity, perspective, and bravery, as they pursue whatever their chosen path in life is, that in itself denotes the ultimate measure of strength.

From the Writer’s Workshop… Write a post based on the word  “strength”.