An era of discontent…

From one side of the political coin, the complaints expelled are always angry, unhappy, and focused on everything involving current affairs. Misguided and terribly misinformed in many ways but, in that discontentment, is there any possibility that positive progress will ever be achieved?

The anger directed at law enforcement but not the criminals; that same emotion moves on to the legal citizens of our country but not the millions of migrants surging across our borders. Communities everywhere are slowly suffocating as they struggle to provide resources for this human invasion.

People with experience, knowledge and qualifications are marginalized but not those who are employed because of DEI. Of course, LBGTQ+ individuals aren’t treated with the same disdain as straight people. Why not a common ground of respect for all chosen paths in life?

In their almost quid-pro-quo fashion, anger is often directed at white and black people. Unless, of course, they vote for them. According to them, there is no border crisis, no inflation, no high crime, no foreign policy failure and everything is the fault of white supremacists, another political candidate and his followers.

Of course, wherever any of us stand on the political map, we all see things differently. There’s no need to remind anyone on the meaning of opinions. Living in a distorted world, with selective outrage, for a certain faction of our politicos, is a fragmented demonstration of the party they once were.

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