A chance to go back…or not.

There are times in life where many of us throw up our hands and wish we could return to a different point in time, usually back to a place where things were simpler, less stressful. Most of what I’ve managed to do has brought me on life’s bumpy road to where I am at this moment.

If given the chance to pinpoint a particular age, one that we would never move from, one where we could do things differently, would we? Hard call and definitely one based on any circumstances involved. There are so many past moments in life which bring back a chain of pleasant memories that we would love to relive but, mixed in with them there always seems to be a dark area lurking in the happy background. Then, why stay there? Think about it.

Imagine being frozen in a past time of life, never to enjoy so much of what would have followed. Of course, we could all do without the pain of losing beloved family and friends but, to never experience the joys of marriage, children and more, because we choose to return to sixteen for example and remain forever young? Not so certain this would be a good option. Perhaps picking a present time, a current age, with possibly more time to accomplish unfinished tasks and gather many positive memories until your time officially comes to its end.

Maybe, just remembering the positive wonders of our past is enough, a reminder to continue on and live life as it should be lived.

And that…is where I’ll remain.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: Write a blog post inspired by the word: back/If you could live the rest of your life at the age of your choice, what age would you choose and why?