Overly ambitious…


Perhaps I felt overly ambitious.  Or not.  Possibly, it’s due to the pretty intense heatwave that has been sitting like a chicken hatching eggs in our area.  Or not.  Most likely, this was a momentary step of writing insanity. 

Yes, that…about sums it up.

From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, my prompt responses; short, sweet (even sarcastic) and to the point.

  1. Tell us about something you did or participated in that a new friend might find hard to believe.

     Drag Racing.  I did it, participated in it, both on the drag strip and street racing.  I miss it but never pass-up the opportunity to put that pedal to the metal. 


  1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: peace

     The word peace means to be amid all the chaos and still be calm in the heart. The real peace is the state of mind, not the state of the surroundings.  Idealistic, at best.  Especially with all the current day commotion in our world.  It’s becoming more difficult to find a sense of calmness, if even for a few elusive hours, even moments, given so much emotional baggage people have packed-up and sitting next to them. 

     Locally, a resident is enveloped in their recent rise to internet fame after a confrontation with our school board.  I have mixed emotions on this, and not because of the issues that were stated.  I keep wondering why this situation suddenly rose to the forefront of this particular parents concern, especially since the school board governance has been questionable for more years than this local resident has resided here.  Why haven’t more parents in our district stepped-up to have their voices heard before this one individual stood at the podium?

     My sense is that this debate will not end easily.  My hope is that there will be additional response, from other parents, peacefully articulated with a more precise, unemotional, evaluation on every issue of concern.  What’s needed is an assessment which will be instrumental with the long overdue change in our local school management and focus on those empowered to make curriculum decisions for the students in our schools.


  1. What six words would your spouse use to describe you?

     Analytical.  Judgmental.  Intelligent. Angry.  Sarcastic.  Caring


  1. 90’s fashion is making a trendy comeback. What were you wearing in the 90’s?

     Leather.  And lots of it.  In fact, I have a gorgeous leather jacket that my daughter gave to me when she returned from a trip to Italy.  Everything old becomes new again!


  1. Write about something you think you might have been good at if only you had explored that talent more.

     Years ago, I was at one of those “career crossroads”, anxious to become a Chef but, at the time, lacked the French language required for matriculation into a local culinary program.  I opted instead for a hairdressing license and planned on becoming a teacher in the field, combining my business background to help develop a more rounded platform of learning for students entering the beauty industry.

    As my luck would have it, once I obtained my “Appearance Enhancement” license, the culinary program eliminated the language requirement for acceptance, instead offering language education once students became enrolled.

Maybe, in some ways, I’m a polymath.  I’d like to think that I’ve developed a better sense of proportion and balance.  I came across this phrase and it kind of sums me up…“Our age reveres the specialist but humans are natural polymaths, at our best when we turn our minds to many things.


  1. Answer all of the writing prompts in one post.

     Polymathic mission accomplished!






  1. Kat says:

    Wow, I bet you are a spectacular cook! And you do hair? You’re like, the perfect mom. 🙂 You’ll have to keep us updated on the outcome of the school district saga. I’m invested now.

    • Patty says:

      Awwww, thanks Kat! I have a sign over my kitchen window…”Be Careful How You Address the Queen”. My kitchen is my little cooking kingdom and I rule with an assortment of wooden spoons ready to smack anyone who invades my space!

      Perfect mom? Not at all, in fact, my kids remind me constantly of my shortcomings, and I retaliate, reminding them of the few minutes of hard labor I endured bringing each of them into this insane world.

      This local school board drama continues and I’ve no idea on any outcome. Both sides involved will line up and continue to debate the issues involving CRT and other items. School ends soon here and this debacle will likely lose its steam over the summer. I’ll keep you posted.

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