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She always called me “Pinky”, well into my adult years.  That label of affection was far better than the one bestowed on me by my father who called me “Doc”. 

“Doc”?  Certainly not a nickname for a girl, in fact, hearing it always made me cringe.  WTF was he thinking?

But, back to Pinky and my late Aunt Eleanor, my mother’s only sister and someone I was always close with growing up.  She got me and was in my corner during my difficult childhood.  Aunt El gave me that name because I was always, always, dressed in pink as a baby.  Back in the day, children were outfitted in very basic, even subdued, colors…pink, blue, maize, soft green and white.  In present times, baby and toddler clothing HAS to make a fashion statement and, of course, focus on being gender-neutral in many cases.  And, I won’t even get into the baby photo trend where infants are stuffed into some pretty garish theatrical props for their early pictures.



Whatever.  I was Pinky and that favorite aunt was the only one who ever called me that until the day she left this troubled earth.  And, for some reason, I despise this color. Probably the last photograph ever taken of me wearing pink was from my senior prom.

NRHS Senior Prom-1964

I burned that dress but…still have the shoes.


workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Write about a nickname you were given at some point.

I realized, after I hit “publish” that I could have combined two prompts with this one.  Obviously, what I wrote was about a nickname but, there is also a mistake I could have shared and…I wasn’t a child when I made it.  Said “mistake” is in my prom photo but, what resulted in that particular situation was something/someone to be very thankful for.  Enough said.



  1. Kat says:

    People would pay good money for that vintage dress these days! I think it’s cute!! And I love that your aunt was such a positive influence in your life when you needed her. Everyone deserves guidance like that!

    • Patty says:

      Actually, it was a very sweet dress, with beading on the top. Most of the prom dresses back then were, oh so proper…blues, pinks, and boring by today’s standards.
      My aunt was a terrific person, always a twinkle in her eye and she had the best laugh. I miss her.

      Thanks, Kat!

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