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Almost nine months ago, who would have thought that our daily way of life would become impacted by a “bug” calling itself COVID-19?  Here we are now, all these days and weeks later, having made our way through this pandemic with our mental health mostly intact.  Mostly, and, in itself, a bit of an achievement.

I’ve personally done my share of bitching and moaning over wearing a mask and being able to function without anxiety.  And, there are the little things, like spur-of-the-moment gatherings, being able to spend time with distant family and close friends, a summer without week-end barbecues and going into local markets without fear of the virus jumping out at me from a shopping cart or items on any given aisle in the joint.

Lock-downs recently began lifting and there was a cautious excitement as local towns and cities started to reopen.  People began feeling a sense of hope that life would return to some element of “normal”.  Sadly, a false sense of security as this damn virus has caught its second wind and infection numbers are rising once again.

Underneath it all, this pandemic has changed all of us.  We’ve learned, through bouts of quarantine, that some things worth keeping, like the opportunity to reflect on our lives and make changes.  And, maybe, there are things, pre-pandemic, that some of us don’t wish to resume.  Old habits and consuming lifestyles that this virus has forced us to modify or stop completely. 

The options, for many, don’t exist.  The loss of loved ones, of jobs that may never again be available.  So many stay at home now and wonder just what all their work productivity was for and if many of us wish to return to the proverbial rat-race.  Any given success came with a hefty price tag that affected both mental and physical well-being.

My routine has brought a lot less focus on consumerism.  Shopping just for basic needs has brought a new level of instant gratification.  I’ve learned that these new habits are keepers, even when this virus releases its choke hold on our world.

And, with the isolation that COVID-19 has mandated for so many, we’ve learned to tell people, family and friends, how we feel about them.  We’ve taken time to make sure we let those we care about know how we love and appreciate them, especially since we have more time to keep the lines of communication open.

We will all come out of this, and our new routines will focus on small acts of support and kindness, an appreciation for small businesses and, overall, concerted efforts in sharing more compassion and empathy.


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  1. Kat says:

    YES! This so accurately touches on what we are experiencing here in our city too. It’s been unreal to watch it all unfold and it will be fascinating to see how we all rebound from it.

    • Patty says:

      I think we’re all holding on to the hope that, once this year is over, things will swing towards a positive direction, Kat. Honestly, I don’t know just how much more people can take in dealing with the twists and turns of this virus.

      As always, stay safe!

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