Real connections never die.

They can be ignored, walked away from or buried, never broken.

Despite any distance, when that connection is deeply rooted, it remains, despite presence or circumstance.

What I have learned that, in certain circumstances, my absence from someone’s life has little, or no, effect.

It becomes obvious that my presence has no real meaning.

How can people can exist without true connection?

All that has been said, so much more left unsaid.

And, time keeps passing by, opportunities are swept away in the space between seconds.

The realization becomes evident that any interest is fading.

Contact lessens, with each new day.

Acceptance kicks in.

The connection, once strong, has frayed, or broken.

It was wonderful, while it lasted.

Move on, let it go.

Realize that you cannot hold onto people who are letting you go.


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  1. John Holton says:

    Quite profound!

    • Patty says:

      Blame it on the pandemic for the fact that I’m able to dig deeply into things of late. One word just brings up so many thoughts.

      Thank you, John!

  2. Kim says:

    Oh, wow. This was exactly what I needed to hear/see/read right now, as I recently had a dream about a former connection. The dream came from out of nowhere, but really messed me up for about a week. I’m still thinking about the former connection even now, and fight myself daily into not sending a friend request and trying to connect again. I have no idea why I dreamed about him after 20 years with no contact, but you are right. I can not hold on, or in my case, try to reconnect. And that makes me sad.

    I am glad you have such a clear understanding of the concept…even though I know that doesn’t necessarily make letting go any easier.

    • Patty says:

      Although I’m dealing with a different situation, it’s amazing how a dream can grab hold of us. Maybe your friend was thinking about you or is dealing with a life situation and you should think about reaching out. Hard call, Kim.

      I’ll keep good thoughts for you!

  3. Kat says:

    Wise words! It can definitely be a tough pill to swallow when you’re not ready to be let go.

    • Patty says:

      Seems that, so far, 2020 has been the toughest pill for everyone to swallow. People either grow closer or, sadly, drift apart.

      Thanks, Kat!

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