Behind every image…

Sharing things from the utterly ridiculous (most which are political), to those more insightful, are pretty much the norm on various social media hangouts.

I come bearing guilt for doing all of the above.

Blame it on the pandemic,  on staying at home more in recent weeks than probably ever before in my lifetime.  Trust me on this.  I’ve had ample time to reflect over many years and never, ever, was I a relative home-hostage such as been the case for the past four months.

Well, except for my early days, and years, of life.  I broke free as soon as no one was looking.

The tone of what people share on sites such as Instagram reflect their opinions, a need to vent with some meme, for the most part.  Behind every image is a story which captures shared emotions and connects to others who may be feeling the same way.  Most images imply something or mean something.  Most are ripe to be swiped via a screen shot or a right-click of the mouse.

Guilty, guilty, guilty.  Again.

Hey, I’ve “stolen” some of the best!  You know the ones.  They pop up and you jump to grab them!  After all, the comment is exactly what you were thinking at that moment but, you weren’t clever enough to fabricate your own words and image.

Here are my two, most recent, and I’m behaving nicely here.  No political or other jabs at anyone who really deserves it.  Nothing…inappropriate.  Just a mix of silliness directed at the ongoing Coronavirus debacle and…a memory most can identify with.

And…I commandeered both from Facebook and drove, non-stop, to post on Instagram.






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  1. John Holton says:

    I do that sometimes, too.

  2. Beverly says:

    I guess I don’t understand the clown picture, but I totally get the VCR tape. I quickly learned how to be a VCR tape “surgeon” taking them apart & fixing the tapes. Learned it watching the kid at the rental place a couple times fixing this or that tape.

    • Patty says:

      There\’s a television show called \”American Horror Story\” which had a murderous clown as one of the characters. Trust me, I\’ve never watched this show! The clown became a popular image on many Memes, one of which I shared.

      Oh, those VCR, cassette and 8-track tapes! How so many of us managed a repair or surrendered in frustration!

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