If time allows…

If nothing else, this long-winding pandemic has given us all time to think.  And look back on so much of what we’ve easily taken for granted.

Travel, for one.  Visiting far-away family and being part of special events in their lives.

Last May, into June, was one occasion.  A big one at that.  Our oldest grandson’s graduation from high school.  To be part of his celebration was a gift and a blessing, especially since so many other families have had this precious time taken away this year, due to this damn virus. 

It was an incredible day.  Whether it’s your child or a grandchild, that burst of pride that creeps up in your chest, slowly taking your breath away as their name is called, and they walk across the stage, is something we’ve all experienced…and treasure.

Jake's Graduation-2019

Graduation was followed by a visit to the University of Florida, our grandson’s next stop on the way to his future as a DVM.  We enjoyed a tour of the campus with a special stop at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and a visit to the college bookstore and some fun photos with our youngest grandchild.





One special thing about Gainesville, Florida (for me) aside from UF is that Tom Petty was born and raised there.  Yes, I am a diehard fan.  Always was, always will be and…the visit couldn’t have ended better than with a stop at Tom Petty Park.



So, there you have it.  One year ago, a few days to gather memories and conjure up much wishful thinking for the chance to do it all again. 

If time allows.


workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous June and write!
One photo just wasn’t enough to share all the special memories from June of 2019.  Looking back from where we’re all sitting or self-distancing now, in 2020, it almost seems like an eternity, not just one year.