Feeling old…



It goes by different names.  Coronavirus or…COVID-19.  References to this bacterial invader flash in front of us everywhere, on newscasts, newspapers, social media and in just about every conversation we have.  Who has it, knows someone who does and, of course, all the Who’s from Whoville are panic-stricken, fearful of becoming infected…and at any moment!

The focus is on older people, especially those with compromised medical conditions.  That kind of puts me over on that side of the room, except for not dealing with any health issues.  Still, I fall into that “older” category and having family suddenly chastise me for doing what I do, daily, now has become a touchy subject.  Hey, I’m the parent still and will stand my ground as being the one who takes care of everyone else!  I don’t appreciate being sent to my room and being told that I can’t leave the house…I call bullshit!  I’ve made it this far around the sun, relatively unscathed, and I’m certainly not looking to challenge the powers-that-be by jumping onto some cruise ship or heading into Manhattan to go shopping.  A lot of good either might do me since the streets of the Big Apple are almost deserted at present and I absolutely despise any idea of being packed like stockyard cattle on some inflated floating hotel with three or four thousand possible carriers of the Bubonic Plague.

Yes, I’m somewhat cranky at this point, watching and waiting to see how this current virus does manifest itself and how much its progress will impact my life and everyone else’s.  Like so many of us, I need to work, I almost like to work, and now, facing any type of quarantine situation as this virus progresses doesn’t promote a cheerful countenance.   Countenance.   I despise that word, by the way.  I’ve disliked it since it was put under my high school yearbook graduation photo.   Like, couldn’t the yearbook staff have come up with something a bit more…creative…back then?


Give me a major winter snowstorm, I’m one hell of a happy camper.  What’s better than being home for a day or two looking out at nature’s beautiful landscape covered in white?  This current situation and how it’s affecting everyone, some to the point of insanity, is presenting an extremely stressful scenario from coast to coast and beyond.  Really, people…toilet paper shortages for an upper respiratory affected virus?  And, why is toilet paper ALWAYS on the hot list for people to clear from market shelves during any emergency?

Okay.  I’m done.

Seriously, and from the heart, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone caught in the growing web of this virus.  Aside from sharing my combination, feeling-old/somewhat whiny, rant over what’s affecting each of us, I hope that everyone does what’s necessary to stem any advancement of COVID-19.  The more we follow the stated directives, the sooner this virus will depart.



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  1. John Holton says:

    Very well said.

  2. Kat says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I prefer a winter storm and the lack of access to toilet paper is starting to stress me out since I did not jump on the toilet paper train. I had to seriously cut back on the news updates I’ve been getting about this because people were stressing me out too. You just stay healthy! We chastised my mom for getting her own groceries too, so it’s not just you!

    • Patty says:

      Well, Kat…we are expecting some type of a “winter storm” here tomorrow in our neighborhood. A pleasant diversion from everything, even though it won’t last long.

      At least there’s been enough toilet paper hoarded to get through the possible 4 to 6 inches of white stuff that might descend upon us.

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