A special kind of crazy…

When I first read through a recent list of prompts for writing a story, even a few paragraphs… anything…just one grabbed my attention.  Write about something that drives you crazy.


Just one?

Understand that, given my personality, there isn’t a day that passes where a multitude of things don’t annoy me or, more honestly, piss me off!  I’m certain most can identify with a given annoyance, some household infraction, village cell-phone idiots, robocalls, any demonstration of human stupidity, people who are overly passionate about every damn thing in the universe, however insignificant…and the list goes on.

Of course, I can easily compartmentalize all of the above and move on but there is still that nagging issue, that one most aggravating thing that pushes my mental stability close to the edge of exploding.

Writer’s Block.

Yup, that’s it.  The big one. 

Happens to me every year, usually around this time.  Trust me, the ideas are there.  Words dance in my head, always at the most inopportune moments and I make a mental note to run with it, even send myself a text as a reminder.  And, something always gets in the way because, when I do write I want it to mean something, to stand out in some small way and touch the person reading my thoughts.  Writing is the one thing that gives me a sense of accomplishment in a life where I’m constantly running in too many different directions.  Not being able to share even an occasional burst of meaningful prose at the drop of a hat definitely makes me very crazy.

And so it goes…



workshop-button-1From Mama Kat’s Workshop…Write about something that drives you crazy.  Again, I might have expanded on so many daily happenings that push my buttons but I usually can get past most, if not all, of them.  Usually.  Some linger to wake me in the middle of the night, much like a problem or something I neglected to remember.  This prompt turned out to be a positive, writing-wise.



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