The Christmas Cat…

The aftermath of one more sad goodbye…


Soft blankets and pillows on the couch where he would sit, basking in the morning sun.

Dishes still filled to the brim with his favorite food because, as all cat owners know, less than that amount brings forth a look of starvation.  And, the same for the water bowl which always had to have fresh, cool water.

Two litter boxes.  Well, this particular discerning feline, who allowed us to share his home, used each box separately, for different, well, um mm, things.

Cat toys, everywhere. Most missing whatever catnip fragrance they once held but each was still serviceable for an occasional tussle and tossing into the air.

Now…silence The absence of his spontaneous greeting every morning, each evening, or whenever you walked into a room where was lounging.  Hardly a positive song and the stillness is a painful discontent.

His name was “Dale”.  He came into our lives several years ago, around Christmas time. A rescue, found huddled behind some supermarket, emaciated and barely surviving.   A gentle soul, probably a pet who had gotten lost.  It was more likely that he had been dumped by someone who just didn’t want him anymore.  From that point, his history didn’t matter, he became part of our family and I always called him our Christmas Cat

He liked my husband better.  It didn’t matter that I cleaned his bathroom, kept his food needs in ample supply, he followed my spouse around like a dog.  Dale would listen by the windows for the sound of my hubby’s car and run to greet him at the door.  All this affection directed at a man who never really liked cats and grabbed a tissue to sneeze whenever he was around one.  It didn’t matter, not to Dale.

Two days ago, we had to make the sad decision of putting Dale to sleep after he threw a blood clot.  One minute, he had been running through our house as he did every morning, the next found him lying down with his back legs motionless.  Any choice of putting the cat through procedures with no promise of favorable results were out of the question.

Today, he was laid to rest in our little pet cemetery with great pomp & circumstance and many tears.  This, thanks to the man who didn’t like cats but was Dale’s best friend.



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