Flower Girl

She was an only child, afraid of the world.  Secrets stayed hidden behind her smile.

     As an adult, she fears little.  Except the passing of time.  And forgetting.


She was once awkward and clumsy.  Always watching normal life from the sidelines.

    Her steps are now quick and with direction.  At times,  it’s as if she’s still running away. 


She was afraid to speak back then because no one listened.

    Now, she talks with her fingers, sharing words with anyone who reads the thoughts she shares. 


She didn’t realize her strengths for years.  Children weren’t allowed to be powerful years ago.

     Today, she launches an offensive at any injustice, having learned to stand up for herself…and others.


She was once a Flower Girl with a forced smile that peeked over a tiny bouquet.

      When she holds flowers now, each bloom looks up at her as if to smile and remind her of how far she has come since…then.



Flicker of Inspiration Linkup #46: The Way We Were

The theme this week is “The Way We Were” – write up a piece about your former self (that is, the person you were during formative times when the person you really are was beginning to show itself)

Rummaging through some photographs that my late mother managed not to destroy, or discard, I came across one taken when I was about five years old.   Friends of my parents married and I was a small part of the event, serving as a Flower Girl in their wedding.  Looking at that photo, I too easily recalled exactly what my life was like back then.  Once again, a writing prompt surfaced that was perfect timing with my thoughts.

I still have the little pink satin gown, in perfect condition, hanging in a closet.  Memories linger in the delicate fabric.





  1. John Zaffino says:

    Aw… beautiful! Look at those eyes and that beautiful face! Very nice piece of work.

  2. sheri says:

    What a sweet, sweet photograph!! So darlin. I really loved this. The comparisons, the differences. My favorite line/s: “she fears little. Except the passing of time. And forgetting” .. that’s me. I am petrified of waking up tomorrow and being 78. (I’ll be 35 next week). My biggest fear however is Alzheimer’s. I don’t want to lose my memories, they just mean the world to me.

    Great post! So glad to have found you through LALB!

    • Patty says:

      We share that same Alzheimer’s fear Sheri, not that there is much we, or anyone else, can honestly do about the disease. It sits in the shadows and strikes, taking souls and spirits away forever. That’s how it was with my mother.

      If we’re lucky, 78 and more will come and go, leaving us to carry-on like rock stars until our final curtain call.

      I’m happy to have found you!

      Thank you!

  3. kgwaite says:

    Nicely done! So powerful and inspiring.

  4. kristy sparano says:

    Wow! I’m addicted to your writing!!! It was so hard to focus on the reading tho bc of that picture!!!! wowzer!!! so sosososososososo cute!!!! Still the same face.

  5. May says:

    Well, this one flat out made me cry. Seeing those big eyes, knowing that they were taking it all in and trying to make sense of it (when there was absolutely no sense to be made) just moves me to tears.

    The way you did the then and now with your words gave them extra punch. Wonderful!

    • Patty says:

      I’ve been on a mission to organize my life and discard baggage, May. I’m determined to finish my book in the next few months and get the dang thing published. Somehow, I keep running into things (like the photograph) which remind me that there are still chapters to be written.

      And…those eyes. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked into the eyes of children and adults that told me sad stories without saying a word. There is just that knowing look..

      Thank you!

  6. Beautifully written! Good luck with publishing your book! Your writing is wonderful!

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