An Imperfect Mother


Random thoughts kept popping-up in my head last night as I sat here vainly trying to put together a post for Mother’s Day.  Everything I typed ended up being backspaced off the screen and I continued to stare at a blank page.

Why was it so difficult to lapse into some grand celebration of thoughts that would form meaningful sentences about this special day for all mothers?  Possibly because my late mother was far less than perfect and the memories surrounding her aren’t what I see so many others sharing about their moms.  Well, it is what it is and if it wasn’t, in part, for my mother, I wouldn’t be here writing this.  Because of her, I’m a survivor and developed the determination to live life on a more positive path.

I’m an imperfect mother as well, always wishing I had done many things differently but, my four kids make me absolutely beam with pride.  And, rumor has it that I’m a pretty terrific Gramma.  That, is a very good thing!

Right now, I’m enjoying reading so many wonderful posts from other bloggers about their moms along with special tributes spread all over social media; my heart is heavy for those who have lost that special lady in their lives.  I hope that, when I depart this hectic life, my children remember me with similar fondness and focus on all things positive that I leave behind…especially when they start dividing up my obsessive collection of Snowmen!

Enjoy your mothers, cherish their memories. 

I send heartfelt wishes to every woman who is a mom, waiting to be one or someone who is important in the life of a child.

      Happy Mother’s Day!